The Pheriwalas 

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It’s highly unlikely for Pheriwalas to read my blog or any other blog per se, but Man they are artistic..!! I live in a locality where we can not take naps during the daytime. Seriously ..!! I often use my noise cancelling earphones and a light music if I am going to take a nap in the afternoon. 

Our beloved Pheriwalas have made the narrow streets their performing ground where they announce their products so artistically that you are bound to notice. Sometimes they are funny and hilarious but if you are sleeping or trying to sleep they are just noisy. It’s hard to portray how selling RO water could be made so melodious, but they make it sound as if they are selling a supernatural element. Sometimes you have to look out of the window just to see the person without any intention of purchasing anything, just because of curiosity. 

Like every other people they also have stories of their own and they have pretty interesting ones. If you think you the only one with good stories perhaps it’s time to do a reality check. Next time when you purchase anything from these Pheriwalas, try to have a small chat with them and try to find out their side of the story. You would be astonished to see their hardships and sacrifices and if you are anything like me you’ll pay gratitude to God after listening to their side of stories and you would thank God for giving you a great life with full of luxuries and comforts.

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