The Bismarck Plan

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Otto von Bismarck was one of the most famous politicians in Germany. Well, Germany wasn’t there at that time and he is often accredited with the unification of Germany as we see it today. I first heard about him from the book, “How To Master Your Time” by Brain Tracy.




He sounded like an interesting person also I dig up the Internet for more information and thankfully I found interesting things about him. This guy was famous for his contingency plans, meaning plan B. He used to have plans like everyone else and his plans sometimes failed like everyone else’s but he was one of the very few persons in the history who always had a full-fledged plan B in place just in case. He became so popular for his contingency plans that people used to call the concept of backup plans as “The Bismarck Plan“.

The author says that we should always have a plan B which is an obvious thing to advice but it is also one those things which we often forget to implement. It was nice knowing about the person who is known for the term “Plan B“.

Looking at the current situation in India it seems that our prime minister should have learned something from Bismarck. The chaos is increasing everywhere and people are becoming desperate leading destructions which are obviously not good. God help us all in this difficult situation.

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