Getting Conned by Amazon

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Getting conned by Amazon was the last thing I imagined for myself. I respected the company for its customer-centric culture but it seems the employees at Amazon are not in sync with the CEO’s vision.

I purchased a stylus (a digital pen for iPad) from Amazon after getting a deal which I saw after searching some styluses from the web. It was a good deal, I was excited for the product which was purchased on 9th Nov from the website. I got a message on the same day that the product is dispatched and I would be getting it latest by 12th Nov, which is actually the normal delivery period for NCR region. On 11th Nov I got the message that the delivery guy is on the way and he would deliver the product on that day itself. I waited patiently but in the evening got the message that “the customer is not available”. I was frustrated and called the customer care, they were nice and said that I should wait for another day.

Same thing happened the next day. I was losing patience, called the customer care executive a couple of times but all in vain. On the next day, which is today at 1 o’clock in the afternoon I got the message saying “the customer is not available“. It infuriated me to the next level, again called the customer care executive, again in vain. I went got outside to have a cup of tea and luckily I found the Amazon delivery boy. After sharing my story and looking at his list of deliverables I found that he could not help me with my situation. Nevertheless, I asked for his office number and fortunately, after calling the office I found out that my package was in the warehouse for the last two days, and since it wasn’t assigned to anyone(due to some glitch in the system perhaps) nobody was delivering it to me. Thankfully, the guy at the desk was helpful enough and he sent the package in next two hours.

The sad part of the story is that after going through this much pain I found out that the stylus wasn’t working on the iPad the way it was described to work in the description on the website. The product had the maximum number of positive reviews and this was the reason why I chose the stylus and now that I think about it I am pretty sure that those reviews must be fake ones. After using the stylus for one hour I submitted a request to return the product. It was a terrible experience altogether and I would suggest my readers not solely rely on the product reviews at Amazon. Hope you find some insight from this story.

PS:I also purchased a Bamboo stylus from Nehru Place today only. It’s amazing, I’ll share a review after using it for a couple of days.

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