Fire the toxic ones



The toxic employee

Firing is something which we have always hated to talk and discuss about .

But can firing be good.

Yes I think.

There was one such scenario when Tesla motor was running in deep losses.

The first wave of experiment failed and before there Second demo the biggest threat was bunch of employees who where not only demotivated but also felt that Elon Musk plan was a failure.

So what did Elon do. He fired them.

Did he succeeded after that?

yes they are one of those companies who have succeeded in rolling out electric vehicles that run like a sports car.

So yes that was needed.

I love to call them or these set of employees as toxic employees.

They add less value but more criticism and that criticism leads no where.

Let me share some scenarios in this regard then and some criticism that comes:

No roadmap

Nothing to learn

No management

No visibility.

But they often forget that these are the very same set of things that they need to do.

I think I am correct  in thinking that they are paid for this.

But rather than that  these people create a pessimistic environment all around you and thus even the most motivated one looses hope to move ahead.

Thus crippling the entire process of growth and progress of the new ones too.

Yes I do agree that you will have scenarios when such situations do exist

But never in history it has happened that criticism has fetched more results than action.

So we need to take our heads up push ourselves and move ahead.

Yet if results are null, we have companies to switch where we may get what we intent for.

But  simply being toxic is nothing else than a moron who cries during night and sleeps during morning.

Such employees need to be fired for the sake of organization ,fresher and other co workers.

So for all those who have such things around them just learn to ignore these toxic stuff else they will also make you drown along with them.

Stay happy,stay healthy stay fit.



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