Handwriting on the Ipad

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It all started when I was showing one of the features of iPad to my mother. I was using OneNote back then which has a beautiful feature where you can write freely using your fingers only, very sleek and elegantly designed. I showed my signature on the iPad and I was doing it the first time while showing it to my mother. It got stuck and I started searching if I can do more than the signature on my iPad and a whole new world opened for me.

I watched several videos which showed the use of digital pen(also called stylus) and note taking apps. All of them showing how we can replace the paper altogether and it was too good to be true, so I investigated some more. After a lot of scrutiny and research, I chose “E VL fine point second generation Stylus”¬† from Amazon which turned out to be a disaster(you can find more about it by clicking here). After that, I purchased Wacom Bamboo Duo Stylus from the store and which is working perfectly as of now.


The search didn’t end after getting a working stylus because I still was looking for a good note taking App and the search continued until today. After using more than 10 note taking apps and rejecting them one by one for one shortcoming or another, I finally have fallen in love with Goodnotes 4.

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