Why I Hate Movies..!!!

#AnIdeaADay #wponthego #IHateMovies #SuicideSquad

I hate them because they are additive in nature, they are so good(not all of them of course) that it’s very difficult to resist. In my college days, I used to watch so many movies that it used to sore my eyes. We had one of those unlimited download facilities and a torrent client. I was not alone and there were many like me. Movies have used up most of my productive time in the past(they still do sometimes).

Movies have opened new worlds for us, very different from what we have in our real lives. We sometimes are so caught up those imaginary worlds that we give little priority to our real world. That’s not a good way to live a life. Like every other college student, I was a rebel meaning¬†I was the only one who could tell myself what’s right and wrong, I spent most of my time in the imaginary world of Harry Potter and X-Men during my college life.

Now that I have gain little more sense and the importance of my time I abstain myself from watching movies¬†incessantly. With that said, I watched “Suicide Squad” today. The movie was good but since it was dark themed I didn’t like it that much.


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