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I had stopped watching any TV series a long time ago(and by long time I mean only 1 year and yes, that’s pretty long for me), and today I picked up one, “The Flash” TV series.  It’s too soon to tell anything about it since I just have watched the first episode but I have been getting positive reviews of the series for a very long time.


I have watched a couple of movies lately but unfortunately, none of them were as good as they used to be, either that or I have changed enough not to like these movies anymore. Unlike them, The Flash have all the ingredients which a good plot possess. A mid-20s guy, mother got killed in an accident when he was 11, father falsely accused of his mother’s murder, have crush on his best friend who has no idea, got struck by lightning, fighting crimes, what is not to like??

I watched 3 episodes in one go and one sitting and would have watched more if my eyes would have allowed it.


I updated this post after getting a critical response from a Flash fan saying the post wasn’t coherent with the title. He was right so I updated my post and made it purely on The Flash. Thank you for the comment, my friend.

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