Demonetization: The Top Priority Decision.!

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It’s 12:40 AM in the night as I am writing this. I almost skipped today’s post as I walked into my flat after standing in line for about 2 hours to get Rs 2000 from the ATM. Talk about one of the biggest decisions of the country and its worst implementation ever.

Every decision has a focal point and everything is rovolved around that focal point. India is home for billions of people, the largest democracy in the world and if the biggest decision of the country is not implemented keeping its people in mind, there’s our first red flag right there.

Until now many of my friends have asked me if it was a good decision or not. To them, yes it was in spite of what many people are saying that it wasn’t, I beg to differ. With that said, every good decision must have a backbone of good implementation. If the prime minister said that all the denominations of Rs 500 and 1000 will not be valid anymore, he can not say something like this out of his butt, he must have had the plan to implement all that what he said keeping his people in mind. Unfortunately, the reality is that he didn’t plan it well and it has devastated the country and we are in deep misery.

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