Why You Should Write Goals Before Going to Sleep

In my previous post, I mentioned that we should plan our day prior to the day I and write down the goals for next day before going to sleep. There is a reason why the author of the book “How to Master Your Time”, Brian Tracy suggested writing down the goals specifically before going to sleep.


The thing which we do last before going to sleep has a profound impact on our lives. Too bad that most of us watch movies (I do that too although try not to) before going to bed and that precious time goes in vain. The reason is that our subconscious mind gets active when we are asleep, the subconscious mind is the one responsible for everything  which happens after we go to sleep(more on that later).

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.
Tony Robbins

When planning the day before going to sleep the subconscious finds the shortest path possible to reach those goals. If you have no idea what conscious and subconscious mind is capable of doing and you want to know more about it, there are plenty of books already written on the subject and they are amazing. I also have written learning from some books in my previous posts (click here to read).

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