Handwriting on the Ipad

#AnIdeaADay #Goodnotes4 #iPad After using more than 10 note taking apps and rejecting them one by one for one shortcoming or another, I finally have fallen in love with Goodnotes 4.


Emotional Intelligence 

#AnIdeaADay #EmotionalIntelligence #BookLearning #DanielGoleman #Focus Thank God, I finally started the long awaited book, “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman. I have read the book, “Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence” by the same author, you can find the video review of the book by clicking here , and you can also find other related stuff by […]

Fire the toxic ones

  The toxic employee Firing is something which we have always hated to talk and discuss about . But can firing be good. Yes I think. There was one such scenario when Tesla motor was running in deep losses. The first wave of experiment failed and before there Second demo the biggest threat was bunch […]

Getting Conned by Amazon

#AnIdeaADay #Amazon #Stylus Getting conned by Amazon was the last thing I imagined for myself. I respected the company for its customer-centric culture but it seems the employees at Amazon are not in sync with the CEO’s vision. I purchased a stylus (a digital pen for iPad) from Amazon after getting a deal which I […]

Back To Work

#AnIdeaADay #BackToWork #wponthego #BrainTracy #HowToMasterYourTime Reminding ourselves out loud have a profound impact on ourselves. We often get distracted thanks to the technologies and innovations and if we are not careful we might find ourselves finding something on the web which has almost no impact on ourselves. Like everything else technology comes with its pros […]

Book Review: Why We Want You To Be Rich, A book from Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki

#AnIdeaADay #wponthego #DonaldTrump #WhyWeWantYouToBeRich #RobertKiyosaki #BookLearning  Like everyone else I was also pretty sure that Hillary Clinton was going to win the elections and like everyone else I was wrong. Long time back one of my seniors recommended a book called, “Why We Want You To Be Rich: Two Men, One Message” by Robert Kiyosaki […]

Rs 500, Rs 1000 notes are no longer legal tender : A Bad News For People Who Are Travelling

#AnIdeaADay #wponthego #DenominationChange #BlackMoney Some people are really really lucky..! My Chotepapa is one of them.(Sarcastically speaking) In the evening I got a message that denominations of Rs 500 and 1000 will not be accepted from tomorrow onwards. My first reaction was sending a laughing emoticon in reply of the message. But then after a […]