Happy New Year..!!

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Another year just passing by but this time I am much happier than the last year. I started my blog in the previous year which was one of the most productive decisions I ever took and I continued to post the entire year showing consistency. Consistency is crucial for any kind of success I am happy that I was consistent the entire year. I am very grateful for everyone who helped me in doing so. 

One aspect of life is to inspire others and to be inspired by others. I am happy that I have inspired some and have been inspired my many. Thank you for being a part of my journey, I wish a happy and prosperous new year for you with full of surprises you want from life. 

Since you are already here I would suggest you do one productive habit the next year, not two, not three, but just one productive habit. It can be anything, learning guitar, learning classical music, learning a new language, choose whatever you like but the catch is that you stick to it no matter what. It would be an asset to you the next year. I promise.


Once again, I wish you a very Happy New Year..!!!


The Mainstream Media

News channels have become pretty efficient in almost everything they deliver which makes watching it for hours no sense. Today the recent events in Uttar-Pradesh have created a spur in the media. However, it seemed pretty irrelevant to me and just knowing was enough for me. For people who are active in politics an hour of the report may have sufficed but on every channel, it was only one thing which aired today.

We have started to lead so monotonous lives that we now love to watch discussions (pointless discussions more precisely) on what would happen in UP elections. Some people find politics interesting but if you can’t learn anything from it’s just a timepass.


The Marshmallow Experiment

I was dying to test the famous Marshmallow Experiment which I encountered in most of the books I have read, most recently I read it in the beginning of Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman.

Once you realize that will power is just a matter of learning how to control your attention and thoughts, you can really begin to increase it.

Walter Mischel

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Basically in this test a child is given a choice that if he will have one Marshmallow right away or he would wait for another 10 minutes and have two instead. This experiment measures the child’s ability to store two thoughts at the same time. It measures if the child is able to hold his emotions and wait, which is also called Delayed Gratification. Children who had resisted not to eat the Marshmallow, in the beginning, are the ones who worked harder in the later part of their lives. Children who have shown signs of Delayed Gratification have been more successful than the ones who didn’t.

I have no idea what I would have chosen if given such a choice but I conducted this experiment on my cousin today and he showed signs of Delayed Gratification. I am quite happy with the result.

The Closed People 

If you have answers that doesn’t mean you should answer everybody’s question. Some people do not want any answers they just want to stay stuck. Perks of having a growth mindset is that you can acquire a great deal of knowledge by learning continuously. Which in turn means that for most of the time you have something to say in almost every discussion.

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I am home, we have discussions, a lot of them because we love to discuss. You can find people discussing an issue or a problem in a shop, at home, and on the roadside. But most discussions go nowhere, there is no agenda, just plain discussions. They do not understand that a discussion should lead to something, they have a lot of time, or at least they think they do.

You can’t convince anyone who doesn’t want to be convinced. They are closed to new ideas, new possibilities, opening them up requires a great deal of energy. They don’t want solutions they just like to discuss.

Temperament is not Destiny



“Temperament is not Destiny”

Emotional Intelligence-Daniel Goleman

I knew it intuitively but knowing it scientifically has given me a whole lot of confidence in knowing and believing that a person’s nature can be changed.

Long back when I absolutely knew nothing I believed that a person’s nature is permanent. In my hometown many of my elders used to say, “A person’s nature and signature don’t change”, well they still believe this to be true and they can not be more wrong about it.

The brain is plastic meaning it can always learn, it is only up to us to make a conscious effort to learn and by learning anything can be changed. Be it learning a new language, learning how to play guitar, or changing his innate nature.

Movie Review: The Matrix

One of my cousins gave Matrix trilogy a week ago. In spite of having watched it several times, I was like let’s see if I get it this time. Today I completed the trilogy and the funny thing is that I did not recall the story line at all. It was like watching it for the first time, though I remembered that I have certainly watched it before. Although I still have some unanswered questions but I could settle for what I have understood for now since it is one of the most complicated movies of all time.


This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.


Symbolism, look for symbols and you will start finding clues in almost every frame. The first movie was a true masterpiece, the subsequent movies did not do justice with the standards they had set with the first one.

After researching on the internet I found out that there were 6 years of preproduction work that was there for the first movie, that’s a lot of hard work. The first movie got released in 1999, and the technology is still watchable. I mean at any point I didn’t feel like I was watching a movie that old which is awesome.

Have you watched it yet? 

More importantly, have you understood it yet?

Marriage and Emotions

Me: Finally, today I’ll write about marriage and emotions.

My Inner Voice: Seriously..!!

Me: I mean I will share my learnings from the book “Emotional Intelligence”, and it’s not that I’ll share something out of my butt.

My Inner Voice: Haven’t we discussed this before, just because you have read doesn’t mean you know what it is to be in a marriage and it makes you unqualified for writing about marriages.

Me: Yeah, that’s true ..! But I want to share what I have learned at least it’s better than sharing nothing at all.

My Inner Voice: Alright, but you are on your own and don’t tell me I didn’t warn you about it when people start making fun of you saying that you even write about things you haven’t experienced yet.

Me: Yeah, that’s okay.

I had this conversation in my head every time I want to share something I have read from the book “Emotional Intelligence” on marriages.


Long back I had read the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. He too had discussed various points on marriages on how to make it successful and things we should and shouldn’t do in a marriage. This time the book “Emotional Intelligence” explained why we should and shouldn’t do those things. This book explained what actually happens in the mind of husband or wife. The author explained various cases of troubled marriages and traced it’s starting location. The various trigger points, the various health issues couple go through if their marriage is troubled. I have to tell you it was quite scary, though.

If I only have to share one very crucial point for a marriage which defines its success, I should share the feeling of contempt and disgust and why it is a poison for a marriage. The married lives have been analyzed over decades and these two feelings are the ones which poison the marriages the most. If a couple has this feeling for their spouse they are bound to get a divorce in next 10 years.

Namaz: Are You Following The Rules

Friday is one of the most sacred day of the week in Islam. In the middle of the day, we gather together and perform Namaz which is a form of prayer. Namaz consists of several rules ignoring or not knowing these crucial rules make the prayer null and void. They are also called Farz in Namaz. Knowing and abiding these rules is also Farz meaning crucial in Islam.

Yesterday I went for Namaz in the mosque in my neighborhood for the Friday prayers and like every other time I started looking for people who were abiding those rules. By looking at a person who is performing namaz and knowing those rules it’s easily noticeable if the person is abiding by those rules or not.

We create conflicts with so many people over religion without knowing even the most basic of rules of our religion. In the recent days, there have been numerous cases of religious conflicts in my hometown, the world would have been a better place if instead of creating conflicts we would have worked on knowing the most basic rules of our religion.

If you are reading this and if you are a Muslim please find out if you are performing namaz the right way. You would be surprised to discover the little facts on how to perform namaz correctly.

I love MODI but I hate BHAKTS

Today I do not feel like opening facebook or any other form of social media; because I think my friends have become less of human being and more of political analyst.

Today the India which consist of 67% of youth is less ethical and much more below the standards than our forefathers. We love to visit pubs and socialize but we refrain from listening to others views. We also are much more impressionable.We read less but speak more. We know less but are opinionated more.

Thats why today I love Modi ; I think he is the best PM but I hate the bhakts. In India casteism has declined but today we have got new breed of people who are saluting every wrong move which government may do, every wrong news which may support the government, and every wrong person who will support the government. But this group often forgets that they need to respect opinion of other person as this is democracy.

Lets bring in front some examples which I think  has been haunting me about the  mind state of Indian youth. First after US elections we jumped into conclusions that Trump is an racist fellow;america is state which is going to get diminished under his leadership etc.

Ya they may be correct or they can be extremely wrong but what I intend to say is none of us are aware of US culture,US land based realities,US politics and US corporate interest. Do they know  that Hillary Clinton hosts one foundation that is being known  for corruption. Do they know that Hillary Clinton is being investigated for mail leak by FBI. Do they know that Obama administration  has been discredited by the way they handled the whistleblower,attack on US embassy in Syria and also on NSA taps and survelliance.

No they do not know all this but yet they jumped in the conclusion.

Now coming back to India and the hottest topic is demonetisation. Now this process as per me is excellent but way it was implemented caused trouble. Now bring some best economist in the world he can counter me and shut me up in 5 mins ; convincing me  that this move was wrong. Bring some other set of economist and they too will convince me that this is right move.

So what I lack here is concepts of my economics and hence I should wait and I should respect opinion of other. Best is I should wait for the next election.

Now Amir khan gave one  opinion on intolerance and people  dragged his wife too in there nasty comments. hahahahah you all guys have proved that India is really intolerant.If  you would have shut your mouth and accepted that with smile you could have proved him wrong.

The saddest part of India is  we have some communalist like Owaisi who rather than developing the muslim youth misguide them and we also have leaders like Yogi Adityanath ,Sadhvi who in the name of religion will gather lakhs of public and will show them as greatest sympathisers of Hinduism and greatest preachers; but have they actually done anything for hinduism? And who the hell made you the caretaker of Hinduism. I am educated and I dn’t need a leader like you. Foundations of Islam and Hinduism are strong enough to run without you guys.

Now lets bring the  best part of the day. There has been plenty of stuff in facebook telling how Dhulagarh district in Bengal is burning; how Hindus are being killed;temples are being razed and Swamis of some peaceful charitable organizations are being bashed up.The entire episode is being portrayed as equivalent to those days of Aurangzeb when grant to temples started by Akbar was stopped and many temples where actually razed.

Many people shouted that NDTV is biased favoured towards muslims and hence this news is not there.Bloods of mine also was boiling . After all I am also a  normal middle class guy.I will not like my brothers being killed.Today called up my sister who stays there but was shocked to hear that all this news was fabricated and just some minor clashes happened. Nothing more. Yet we have become so blind that we listened to one news channel which is only know to support government.

I have still one question was this anyway justified. This small rumour would have caused rift between two friends of opposite communities.
Lets understand that FB is such a  great invention. Katrina cyclone,Vardah cyclone,Berlin attacks,Paris attacks in all these cases FB was of  great help. Lets not make it a political battleground and some place where we wash our cheap political sentiments.

I think politics itself is dirty.There is a saying politics is a dirty play,played by dirty people.Why we avoid politics in our family because politics is something which is always based on selfish needs and not on emotions. Every good work done in  politics is not being done with actual intent of  good deeds but will sole intent of winning votes.

Let be it Obama,Arvind Kejriwal or Modi every one has intents of winning votes.
So stop fighting and start analysing.


Emotions and Health

Emotions and health are very related. For a long period of time, the medical science did not believe this to be true but the recent discoveries show otherwise. It actually sounds obvious but due to lack of concrete data this was believed to be a myth.

Cancer patients who are optimistic in nature tend to live a much longer life than those who are lonely and depressed in spite of getting the exactly similar treatment. A happy state of mind helps the immune system which in turn extends the life expectancy of the patient. Angry people after getting their first heart attack are more prone to the second attack than people with who have their anger controlled. The studies showed that people who have a history of getting angry in general have more chances of getting a heart attack than people who don’t.

The antidote to hostility is to develop a more trusting heart all it takes is the right motivation when people see that their hostility can lead to an early grave they are ready to try.

Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ


These facts actually sound trivial and obvious here but getting a scientific evidence is a huge deal for medical practitioners. Currently, the emotional needs of patients are not met especially in regions like India, Pakistan, and other neighboring countries but if we can make them aware of these little but important facts they would at least be conscious of their thoughts which in turn can improve their lives.