One Year Blog Anniversary


Today I got reminded by Facebook that I started my blog last year and this was my first blog post. I was terrified when I was pressing the publish button one year from now. Whenever my friends tell me that they are hesitant of what people might say if they would find any grammatical mistakes in their posts, I tell them I started with those mistakes and people kept correcting me on the way, gradually I got better.

Writing is like everything else, it needs practice. No one can become a writer overnight, it requires time, it requires effort, a lot of unnoticed effort. A friend of mine started blogging sometimes back and she said  that it took her several hours to publish her first posts. Too bad that she didn’t continue otherwise she would have discovered that the effort and time required to publish the post decrease after a certain number of posts.

In the beginning, it’s difficult I can give you that and also most exhausting but if you like sharing your thoughts, you would like putting those hours of effort every day and number of views or likes wouldn’t have any affect on you. Like everything else, if you love and enjoy doing it nothing else would matters.

Thank you for reminding me of my mistakes, thank you for giving me interesting topics to write about. Thank you for encouraging me, and especial thanks to my friends for messaging my grammatical mistakes(moments after hitting the publish button) so that I could correct them as soon as possible. Thank you for all your support and being part of my blogging journey. 


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