Michael Stevens, The Vsauce Guy

I love YouTube. They have one of the most creative contents on the internet. Entertainment, Study, News, Music and thousands of other categories of videos. It’s the most searched platform on the internet after Google. Every now and then I stumble upon a great YouTube channel featuring amazing contents. Some of them are informative, some are educational, some are purely meant for entertainment, but all of them have one thing in common. They all are addictive(in a good way).


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Michael Stevens is the face of the YouTube channel Vsauce (link here). He is an amazing guy with extraordinary showmanship. It’s hard to define what his channel is exactly about in just one line but in a broader sense, it is all about explaining stuff in a purely scientific way and some philosophy in the end.

What struck me most that how he have evolved the way he is at present. After doing some research I found out that he started making funny videos since his college days, stuff like Obama singing Indian song, Hillary Clinton farts, Mario farts Just to mention that his one of the first YouTube channels was pooplicker888.

No one would have anticipated that he would become, what he have become at present by looking at what he did in those days. He just continued doing what he liked most and gradually grew up to become the founder of one of the best YouTube channels.

How much does a shadow weigh?
Why do humans clap?
What’s the oldest a person can be?
Why do we have two nostrils?

Michael Stevens

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