Firhas Zahabi-The Killing Buddha’s Philosophy



For people who are close to martial arts or any combat sports  are well aware of this name Firhas Zahabi(the killing buddha).
A philosophy graduate,wonderful human being, and world’s best fighter he  is the head coach of the Tristar Gym in Canada; training the  best UFC fighters and winners.

But rather than blood,blow and punches this person is far ahead in terms of philosophy about life and it’s worth listening.

If you have the patience then just listen to his  interview;snippets from which I will mention down:


As per Firhas Zahabi one need to find positive in every aspect of life and when a person learns to do that ; then only he achieves success. For example if you know that you have cancer and will die in next 6 months. Don’t think that the world  is ending rather than that think that every day is going to be special now and equivalent to 1 year. You are  going to live every day to fullest.
At the same time he tells that  there is flip side during success ; one can think that today I am successful but tomorrow  things may turn bad. A successful person with good mindset as a  result of that is proactive and does things that  makes him  push out of comfort zone.

Secondly he  is  fan of Socratis; as per Socratis every thing is this world s fragile such a friend,money,luxury but when the life  is based on principles then that may not look that attractive but it has the power of being  not fragile and  the power  to recover  back in case of any disaster that has touched it.

Thirdly every nation  that has destroyed itself has actually not been murdered but has committed suicide due to corruption in the belief of the citizens.

Fourthly,nothing in this world is expected to be naturally good as per Socratis.We cannot expect a  good house on its own hence we have civil engineering in its place;we cannot expect healthy body on its own and hence we have medicine in place. Same way for us  perfection is not expected and its good to be imperfect;but also to bring in some mechanism to remove that imperfection is equally needed.So if  some one is weak then its ok but what he needs to do is to learn combat sports.

Fifthly for every great sportsperson,athlete,actor,entrepreneur the will power is limited and will get exhausted and hence what we need to do in life is to do things where we have the flow or we have the passion in doing those things. In that case we do not need any will power or hard work because we will enjoy doing that thing.

Sixthly ; there are many times where there have  been many accidents that have caused limitations;but sometimes those limitations induce clarity of mind in people and hence they end up contributing more. For example for Stephen Hawkins the famous physicist if he was not sent to wheelchair then he would have been embroiled in many other things of concern and as a result of many questions in the field of physics would have been left answered.

Seventhly, in life death comes at lowest level of significance, it is preceded by anxiety,tension,courage etc. But enthusiasm is at the top. So one who is  enthusiastic is living his life to fullest. So we need to do things that make us enthusiastic every morning.

Stay healthy,Stay happy and Stay fit.


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