The Flash : Season Two 

I finally completed the second season of the TV series “The Flash”. Don’t get me wrong I liked it but the story line in season one was way better than season two. In season one the story was very personal involving the murder of Flash’s mother and the way everything revolved around the plot was incredible. The mysteries were far more mysterious in season one than in season two.


The metahumans popping everywhere were far more interesting in season one than in season two. And every time a metahuman appeared in season two I was like I know exactly how this is going to end. With that said, I am happy that I completed the series because it was taking too much of my time. The time which I would have used much more productively otherwise.

I loved season 2 ending though because it totally took me by surprise and I would have done exactly that if given that kind of powers (not revealing it here since it can spoil the whole series).

Am I a Flash fan? 

Well, I watched all episodes of season one in just 3 days and watched season 2 in next one week so of course, I am a flash fan.

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