The Blind Spot

In this extremely busy life with so many things going on at once, we lose track of things, getting reminded is an amazing feeling.

In the last days of ILP(Initial Learning Programme) training of TCS, there was a tradition where everyone has to write something about everyone else in the batch. It could anonymous or named, you could praise the person or share your hard feelings on a piece of paper.

It was the first activity which made me realize what other people think of me. The blind spot is the place where a person’s view is obstructed, and the activity shed some light on that spot. More than 5 people out of 30, had told me that at first, they thought of me as an arrogant person and I was not alone with that feedback. It was the first time I got to know that I suck at interpersonal skills.

It’s crucial to get a regular feedback from the people we interact since they are the only ones who could see our blind spots easily.


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