Going Home

My train was scheduled for departure for today at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, however, I am posting today’s post from Delhi only. It turned out that due to fog and many other related issues the train has been delayed by 19 hours and the expected departure is 10:30 in the morning (the next day of course). Thanks to the Andriod application by the Indian Railways(link here), finding the information of the train is just a few clicks away.

I remember the time in 2008 when I was traveling to my hometown from New Delhi and it was exactly this time of the year and the train was delayed by 16 hours and I spent all that time at the Railway Station. It was a terrible experience but thankfully since I was traveling alone so I was the only one getting affected by the inconvenience. The problem becomes much more complicated when you travel with family and you are station waiting for the train to arrive.

India definitely has evolved with the advent of new technologies and we should all be grateful for it. I hope to reach home safely, let’s see how the journey goes.

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