The Cleaner India

I finally reached home today, the journey got completed in 31 hours, in normal days it only takes 20 hours. Besides being delayed everything was pretty much okay. I got to see the platform for about 6 hours and an opportunity like this means I can look around everywhere which is quite fun.

I am not fond of the current government, in fact, I openly criticize the way they have implemented the demonetization process and their cashless system too is not as transparent as it should be, but they are working in a positive direction and things are changing in many other fields. For example, the way cleanliness is being implemented in the railway station is truly worth noting and appreciating. I was delighted to see the manager at work especially the way he delegated the work for speedy completion. We certainly need more people like him in other departments as well.



It suddenly struck me that of course, the decision for a cleaner India came from the prime minister but it is actually implemented by the common people only. The reason why there is poor implementation in other areas is because of several reasons including dishonesty, the poor delegation of work, lack of a proper plan (the list is pretty huge) etc. India is changing but the change is directly proportional to the way our government officials are working. I am happy to see a cleaner India, I wish to see a financially stable India too.


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