The Artists In My Neighborhood 

Some people earn money the hard way. Yesterday a group of artists left our neighborhood after performing their final act of going into the grave and coming out if it after 6 hours (in this extreme cold). The guy was on the bicycle for last 6 days without touching the ground. I have had heard of such acts before but it the first time that they were in my neighborhood.

It was actually quite fun watching them perform but their way of life would have improved if they were educated. What made me sad was the fact that they were at the total mercy of people living in the neighborhood meaning their food and earnings were entirely dependent on it.

I enquired about their lives but they were reluctant to sharing anything more that their names and their native place. The artist who was performing was Mohammad Irshad from Saharanpur, Utter Pradesh. He said that he likes this way life because it gives him freedom, freedom to go home anytime he wants and he liked the fact that there was no boss and everyone was equal in every way.

They shared that it was a rough time for them since very few people were donating money to them because of demonetization. The last day, however, was much different than their previous ones because many people in spite of going through the money crunch gave enough donation to the group that finally they were happy about the donations. These artists live a very low life and we should be more willing to award these guys.

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