I love MODI but I hate BHAKTS

Today I do not feel like opening facebook or any other form of social media; because I think my friends have become less of human being and more of political analyst.

Today the India which consist of 67% of youth is less ethical and much more below the standards than our forefathers. We love to visit pubs and socialize but we refrain from listening to others views. We also are much more impressionable.We read less but speak more. We know less but are opinionated more.

Thats why today I love Modi ; I think he is the best PM but I hate the bhakts. In India casteism has declined but today we have got new breed of people who are saluting every wrong move which government may do, every wrong news which may support the government, and every wrong person who will support the government. But this group often forgets that they need to respect opinion of other person as this is democracy.

Lets bring in front some examples which I think  has been haunting me about the  mind state of Indian youth. First after US elections we jumped into conclusions that Trump is an racist fellow;america is state which is going to get diminished under his leadership etc.

Ya they may be correct or they can be extremely wrong but what I intend to say is none of us are aware of US culture,US land based realities,US politics and US corporate interest. Do they know  that Hillary Clinton hosts one foundation that is being known  for corruption. Do they know that Hillary Clinton is being investigated for mail leak by FBI. Do they know that Obama administration  has been discredited by the way they handled the whistleblower,attack on US embassy in Syria and also on NSA taps and survelliance.

No they do not know all this but yet they jumped in the conclusion.

Now coming back to India and the hottest topic is demonetisation. Now this process as per me is excellent but way it was implemented caused trouble. Now bring some best economist in the world he can counter me and shut me up in 5 mins ; convincing me  that this move was wrong. Bring some other set of economist and they too will convince me that this is right move.

So what I lack here is concepts of my economics and hence I should wait and I should respect opinion of other. Best is I should wait for the next election.

Now Amir khan gave one  opinion on intolerance and people  dragged his wife too in there nasty comments. hahahahah you all guys have proved that India is really intolerant.If  you would have shut your mouth and accepted that with smile you could have proved him wrong.

The saddest part of India is  we have some communalist like Owaisi who rather than developing the muslim youth misguide them and we also have leaders like Yogi Adityanath ,Sadhvi who in the name of religion will gather lakhs of public and will show them as greatest sympathisers of Hinduism and greatest preachers; but have they actually done anything for hinduism? And who the hell made you the caretaker of Hinduism. I am educated and I dn’t need a leader like you. Foundations of Islam and Hinduism are strong enough to run without you guys.

Now lets bring the  best part of the day. There has been plenty of stuff in facebook telling how Dhulagarh district in Bengal is burning; how Hindus are being killed;temples are being razed and Swamis of some peaceful charitable organizations are being bashed up.The entire episode is being portrayed as equivalent to those days of Aurangzeb when grant to temples started by Akbar was stopped and many temples where actually razed.

Many people shouted that NDTV is biased favoured towards muslims and hence this news is not there.Bloods of mine also was boiling . After all I am also a  normal middle class guy.I will not like my brothers being killed.Today called up my sister who stays there but was shocked to hear that all this news was fabricated and just some minor clashes happened. Nothing more. Yet we have become so blind that we listened to one news channel which is only know to support government.

I have still one question was this anyway justified. This small rumour would have caused rift between two friends of opposite communities.
Lets understand that FB is such a  great invention. Katrina cyclone,Vardah cyclone,Berlin attacks,Paris attacks in all these cases FB was of  great help. Lets not make it a political battleground and some place where we wash our cheap political sentiments.

I think politics itself is dirty.There is a saying politics is a dirty play,played by dirty people.Why we avoid politics in our family because politics is something which is always based on selfish needs and not on emotions. Every good work done in  politics is not being done with actual intent of  good deeds but will sole intent of winning votes.

Let be it Obama,Arvind Kejriwal or Modi every one has intents of winning votes.
So stop fighting and start analysing.


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