Namaz: Are You Following The Rules

Friday is one of the most sacred day of the week in Islam. In the middle of the day, we gather together and perform Namaz which is a form of prayer. Namaz consists of several rules ignoring or not knowing these crucial rules make the prayer null and void. They are also called Farz in Namaz. Knowing and abiding these rules is also Farz meaning crucial in Islam.

Yesterday I went for Namaz in the mosque in my neighborhood for the Friday prayers and like every other time I started looking for people who were abiding those rules. By looking at a person who is performing namaz and knowing those rules it’s easily noticeable if the person is abiding by those rules or not.

We create conflicts with so many people over religion without knowing even the most basic of rules of our religion. In the recent days, there have been numerous cases of religious conflicts in my hometown, the world would have been a better place if instead of creating conflicts we would have worked on knowing the most basic rules of our religion.

If you are reading this and if you are a Muslim please find out if you are performing namaz the right way. You would be surprised to discover the little facts on how to perform namaz correctly.

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