The Extreme Cold

Change in routine has a profound impact on our lives. The day I arrived in Gopalganj I started to feel uncomfortable due to extreme cold here. I am one of those people who you see every day and make fun of because they wear everything they have in winters. I envy people who say that they like winters and that the winters are their favorite season because it surely isn’t mine.


a random pic at my uncle’s shop

I have been planning to go out for running since the day I arrived and I not even have gone once till now, I feel pretty bad about it, though. I have skipped a couple of posts in the past few days due to fever and sore throat and now that I am feeling better I have started to write again.

I am halfway completing the book, “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman, I also have noted a couple of things which have struck me the most to share here and I would share them in the next dew days one topic at a time.


The Artists In My Neighborhood 

Some people earn money the hard way. Yesterday a group of artists left our neighborhood after performing their final act of going into the grave and coming out if it after 6 hours (in this extreme cold). The guy was on the bicycle for last 6 days without touching the ground. I have had heard of such acts before but it the first time that they were in my neighborhood.

It was actually quite fun watching them perform but their way of life would have improved if they were educated. What made me sad was the fact that they were at the total mercy of people living in the neighborhood meaning their food and earnings were entirely dependent on it.

I enquired about their lives but they were reluctant to sharing anything more that their names and their native place. The artist who was performing was Mohammad Irshad from Saharanpur, Utter Pradesh. He said that he likes this way life because it gives him freedom, freedom to go home anytime he wants and he liked the fact that there was no boss and everyone was equal in every way.

They shared that it was a rough time for them since very few people were donating money to them because of demonetization. The last day, however, was much different than their previous ones because many people in spite of going through the money crunch gave enough donation to the group that finally they were happy about the donations. These artists live a very low life and we should be more willing to award these guys.

Creating Memories 

It’s an absolute pleasure convincing our little ones to do something which scares them the most. Unlike me Amaan is a very shy kid, opening up only to my Chotepapa and Khala. Since I am away for most of the time, he has trouble getting along with me, in the beginning, every time I visit home. It was really difficult to convince him to sing a song for me. After hours of persuasion, he was finally ready in front of the camera to sing his favorite song, Channa mereya, of his favorite singer Arijit Singh.

Memories are very important and childhood memories are the most precious ones, whenever I see myself in an old album it makes me nostalgic. So many people have made my childhood memories awesome and I make sure to do the same for my little ones.

Hope you enjoy it.

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Channa mereya by Amaan.!

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The Cleaner India

I finally reached home today, the journey got completed in 31 hours, in normal days it only takes 20 hours. Besides being delayed everything was pretty much okay. I got to see the platform for about 6 hours and an opportunity like this means I can look around everywhere which is quite fun.

I am not fond of the current government, in fact, I openly criticize the way they have implemented the demonetization process and their cashless system too is not as transparent as it should be, but they are working in a positive direction and things are changing in many other fields. For example, the way cleanliness is being implemented in the railway station is truly worth noting and appreciating. I was delighted to see the manager at work especially the way he delegated the work for speedy completion. We certainly need more people like him in other departments as well.



It suddenly struck me that of course, the decision for a cleaner India came from the prime minister but it is actually implemented by the common people only. The reason why there is poor implementation in other areas is because of several reasons including dishonesty, the poor delegation of work, lack of a proper plan (the list is pretty huge) etc. India is changing but the change is directly proportional to the way our government officials are working. I am happy to see a cleaner India, I wish to see a financially stable India too.


Going Home

My train was scheduled for departure for today at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, however, I am posting today’s post from Delhi only. It turned out that due to fog and many other related issues the train has been delayed by 19 hours and the expected departure is 10:30 in the morning (the next day of course). Thanks to the Andriod application by the Indian Railways(link here), finding the information of the train is just a few clicks away.

I remember the time in 2008 when I was traveling to my hometown from New Delhi and it was exactly this time of the year and the train was delayed by 16 hours and I spent all that time at the Railway Station. It was a terrible experience but thankfully since I was traveling alone so I was the only one getting affected by the inconvenience. The problem becomes much more complicated when you travel with family and you are station waiting for the train to arrive.

India definitely has evolved with the advent of new technologies and we should all be grateful for it. I hope to reach home safely, let’s see how the journey goes.

The Blind Spot

In this extremely busy life with so many things going on at once, we lose track of things, getting reminded is an amazing feeling.

In the last days of ILP(Initial Learning Programme) training of TCS, there was a tradition where everyone has to write something about everyone else in the batch. It could anonymous or named, you could praise the person or share your hard feelings on a piece of paper.

It was the first activity which made me realize what other people think of me. The blind spot is the place where a person’s view is obstructed, and the activity shed some light on that spot. More than 5 people out of 30, had told me that at first, they thought of me as an arrogant person and I was not alone with that feedback. It was the first time I got to know that I suck at interpersonal skills.

It’s crucial to get a regular feedback from the people we interact since they are the only ones who could see our blind spots easily.

The Flash : Season Two 

I finally completed the second season of the TV series “The Flash”. Don’t get me wrong I liked it but the story line in season one was way better than season two. In season one the story was very personal involving the murder of Flash’s mother and the way everything revolved around the plot was incredible. The mysteries were far more mysterious in season one than in season two.


The metahumans popping everywhere were far more interesting in season one than in season two. And every time a metahuman appeared in season two I was like I know exactly how this is going to end. With that said, I am happy that I completed the series because it was taking too much of my time. The time which I would have used much more productively otherwise.

I loved season 2 ending though because it totally took me by surprise and I would have done exactly that if given that kind of powers (not revealing it here since it can spoil the whole series).

Am I a Flash fan? 

Well, I watched all episodes of season one in just 3 days and watched season 2 in next one week so of course, I am a flash fan.

Firhas Zahabi-The Killing Buddha’s Philosophy



For people who are close to martial arts or any combat sports  are well aware of this name Firhas Zahabi(the killing buddha).
A philosophy graduate,wonderful human being, and world’s best fighter he  is the head coach of the Tristar Gym in Canada; training the  best UFC fighters and winners.

But rather than blood,blow and punches this person is far ahead in terms of philosophy about life and it’s worth listening.

If you have the patience then just listen to his  interview;snippets from which I will mention down:


As per Firhas Zahabi one need to find positive in every aspect of life and when a person learns to do that ; then only he achieves success. For example if you know that you have cancer and will die in next 6 months. Don’t think that the world  is ending rather than that think that every day is going to be special now and equivalent to 1 year. You are  going to live every day to fullest.
At the same time he tells that  there is flip side during success ; one can think that today I am successful but tomorrow  things may turn bad. A successful person with good mindset as a  result of that is proactive and does things that  makes him  push out of comfort zone.

Secondly he  is  fan of Socratis; as per Socratis every thing is this world s fragile such a friend,money,luxury but when the life  is based on principles then that may not look that attractive but it has the power of being  not fragile and  the power  to recover  back in case of any disaster that has touched it.

Thirdly every nation  that has destroyed itself has actually not been murdered but has committed suicide due to corruption in the belief of the citizens.

Fourthly,nothing in this world is expected to be naturally good as per Socratis.We cannot expect a  good house on its own hence we have civil engineering in its place;we cannot expect healthy body on its own and hence we have medicine in place. Same way for us  perfection is not expected and its good to be imperfect;but also to bring in some mechanism to remove that imperfection is equally needed.So if  some one is weak then its ok but what he needs to do is to learn combat sports.

Fifthly for every great sportsperson,athlete,actor,entrepreneur the will power is limited and will get exhausted and hence what we need to do in life is to do things where we have the flow or we have the passion in doing those things. In that case we do not need any will power or hard work because we will enjoy doing that thing.

Sixthly ; there are many times where there have  been many accidents that have caused limitations;but sometimes those limitations induce clarity of mind in people and hence they end up contributing more. For example for Stephen Hawkins the famous physicist if he was not sent to wheelchair then he would have been embroiled in many other things of concern and as a result of many questions in the field of physics would have been left answered.

Seventhly, in life death comes at lowest level of significance, it is preceded by anxiety,tension,courage etc. But enthusiasm is at the top. So one who is  enthusiastic is living his life to fullest. So we need to do things that make us enthusiastic every morning.

Stay healthy,Stay happy and Stay fit.


Just Run..!

In the book “Emotional Intelligence”  the author Daniel Goleman has shared various ways to counter negative mental states and one of them is running. Dopamine(a chemical inside the brain) plays an important role in feeling good. There are several ways one can feel good and one of them is running.




Daniel Goleman shared that while running can be a great tool for secretion of dopamine and hence feeling good if the person skips it he would feel low. For last 2 days, I have skipped it and most certainly I am not feeling good about it. In fact, I feel that I have done something wrong.

If you feel low just Run.! And you will feel much better.


Emotions are Contagious

In the book “Emotional Intelligence” Daniel Goleman shared an incident of Vietnam war when a group of six monks walked straight towards the line of fire without looking left or right amidst an open fire. They were so calm and quiet that soldiers fighting in that location couldn’t understand their behavior and they just stopped fighting.

One of the soldier recalls the incident.

It was really strange, because nobody shot at ’em. And after they walked over the berm, suddenly all the fight was out of me. It just didn’t feel like I wanted to do this anymore, at least not that day. It must have been that way for everybody, because everybody quit. We just stopped fighting.

David Busch, Vietnam veteran


If something as intense as war can be over by literally doing nothing but walking in silence, we should pause for a moment and think carefully of what impact we can make by carefully placing our emotions in right place at the right time. Becoming angry in response to anger is trivial and it fuels anger itself and since it’s contagious it spreads like every other emotion. Try spreading the feeling of gratitude, try spreading happiness for a change and trust me like every other emotion they’ll spread too.