Mimicking the Other Person


Do you live alone or with a partner?

It’s obvious that whoever is living with you matters, but when I read about the behavioural changes in ourselves when we lives with another person in the book Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman it made me rethink the time spent with those people who have lived with me in the past and how they have influenced me for the better or the worse.

The thing is that we subconsciously mimic the other person whether we like it or not. Sound bizarre.?

It actually is.

But then when I analyzed my behavior in the past it kind of makes sense. The interesting thing is that while you are subconsciously mimicking the other person, the other person is also busy mimicking you subconsciously irrespective of whether he likes you or not.

I would have suggested choosing your partner carefully but then I remembered, you already knew that but I bet you had no idea that you have been mimicking your room partner the whole time.

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