100 Days of OneNote and Love at First Sight with Google Keep


Coincidently today was the 100th day of Microsoft OneNote on my devices. I switched from EverNote to OneNote on 2nd Oct 2016 because I couldn’t use EverNote on 3 devices at a time (click here to know more about it).

In spite of a bulky interface and thousands of unusable options, heavy battery usage, and other minor bugs I continued to use OneNote thinking that I would get used to it.

But not anymore.

Today I reached my threshold of tolerance when I updated the OneNote just to paste one line from my mailbox and I was not able to do it. I mean seriously.! That’s the one damn thing why it even exists, it’s a tool which people use to store (copy & paste) useful data to use later. If the application can’t even get that thing straight what’s the whole point of using the damn thing?

And Today I have switched it to Google Keep and I am loving it.! It is built keeping the user in mind. In less than first 30 minutes, I got the whole idea. It does not have fancy features but it has what I needed the most. Below are some of the features which may seem trivial but are actually very effective and useful.

  • Pinning the notes to front- extremely useful for people who take a lot of notes
  • TODO list- again, trivial but it’s simplicity made me love it
  • Free all across the devices, and
  • Very fast
It’s like love at first sight and since I am using it after OneNote I love it even more.



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