Let’s Change Something..

I am changing my writing habits. Not because there is some problem in the previous one but because I want to experiment with it. The whole point of writing every day was that if I write daily I will get to experiment on the daily basis whereas while writing on weekly basis there’s too much pressure of performing well, which I didn’t want to myself since the beginning.

Turned out that I wrote well, my speed and thought the process has increased significantly, I am much more effective and efficient in sharing my side of the story, not only on my blog but everywhere else. Isn’t that the whole purpose of communicating effectively.

Now that the things are in good shape, it’s time to experiment some more. Experimentation doesn’t mean that it would be a sure success, it means I would get a chance to do something different, I will find out if I am more effective when writing in the morning or during the day time, I will even try writing about some technical stuff which I am currently doing right now.

As always, thank you for reading.!


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