Finding Benefits

#AnIdeaADay #RichardWiseman No one can undo the past, all we can do is ease the pain.



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In my neighborhood there’s a new mosquito repellent(well it’s new for me since many people are using it for a long time), it’s effective, it’s cheap, it’s non-toxic, and people love it, more importantly, it’s way-way more effective than the best mosquito repellant we generally use

Murder of Kitty Genovese

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While there was no question that the attack occurred and that some neighbors ignored cries for help, the portrayal of 38 witnesses as fully aware and unresponsive was erroneous. The article grossly exaggerated the number of witnesses and what they had perceived. None saw the attack in its entirety. Only a few had glimpsed parts of it or recognized the cries for help. Many thought they had heard lovers or drunks quarreling. There were two attacks, not three. And afterward, two people did call the police. A 70-year-old woman ventured out and cradled the dying victim in her arms until they arrived. Ms. Genovese died on the way to a hospital.

The New York Times