Book Review: Homo Deus – A Brief History Of Tomorrow


It was a great book once again by the author Yuval Noah Harari, this book picks up from the present time and predicts the possibilities of the future. To tell you the truth it was pretty scary at times and it almost felt like a fiction but I the sad truth is that we are heading that way.

The books loosely revolve around the idea of algorithms and say that they will be in the front seat of the civilization, which is by the way already happening in case of searching(anything on the internet) and driving(google maps), in multiple occasions, he has shared such patterns.

He has also shared how we are changing ourselves to accommodate the fast-changing world and how that will affect us in the long run, (this particular bit was quite scary).

In short, as we are developing and our problems are diminishing (i.e. health, hunger, electricity etc ), but at the same time we are creating new sets of problems and we must at least acknowledge those problems. The book discusses those new problems and their possible solutions.


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