Purchasing A Software

I am really cheap (by US standards) when it comes to buying something which is completely virtual i.e. a software. I have purchased only one android software instead of using limited version( and by the way application name is Daylio ). Other than that I have never purchased any software ever. Every now and then […]

Optimism Vs Pessimism

A pessimistic viewpoint is so easy to make, just go ahead and watch some news channels. A sane person can genuinely become depressed if he watches news channels daily (I am talking about the situation in India). I often ask myself what role I can play in this grand scheme of things, where every content […]

Dealing with negative people

Negativity bothers me, and I tend to stay away from negative people. Sometimes it’s very difficult to stay that way but the basic understanding should be there meaning if the person I am talking to is negative, keep distance and only indulge if it’s required. This strategy have helped me numerous number of time but […]