I love MODI but I hate BHAKTS

Today I do not feel like opening facebook or any other form of social media; because I think my friends have become less of human being and more of political analyst.

Today the India which consist of 67% of youth is less ethical and much more below the standards than our forefathers. We love to visit pubs and socialize but we refrain from listening to others views. We also are much more impressionable.We read less but speak more. We know less but are opinionated more.

Thats why today I love Modi ; I think he is the best PM but I hate the bhakts. In India casteism has declined but today we have got new breed of people who are saluting every wrong move which government may do, every wrong news which may support the government, and every wrong person who will support the government. But this group often forgets that they need to respect opinion of other person as this is democracy.

Lets bring in front some examples which I think  has been haunting me about the  mind state of Indian youth. First after US elections we jumped into conclusions that Trump is an racist fellow;america is state which is going to get diminished under his leadership etc.

Ya they may be correct or they can be extremely wrong but what I intend to say is none of us are aware of US culture,US land based realities,US politics and US corporate interest. Do they know  that Hillary Clinton hosts one foundation that is being known  for corruption. Do they know that Hillary Clinton is being investigated for mail leak by FBI. Do they know that Obama administration  has been discredited by the way they handled the whistleblower,attack on US embassy in Syria and also on NSA taps and survelliance.

No they do not know all this but yet they jumped in the conclusion.

Now coming back to India and the hottest topic is demonetisation. Now this process as per me is excellent but way it was implemented caused trouble. Now bring some best economist in the world he can counter me and shut me up in 5 mins ; convincing me  that this move was wrong. Bring some other set of economist and they too will convince me that this is right move.

So what I lack here is concepts of my economics and hence I should wait and I should respect opinion of other. Best is I should wait for the next election.

Now Amir khan gave one  opinion on intolerance and people  dragged his wife too in there nasty comments. hahahahah you all guys have proved that India is really intolerant.If  you would have shut your mouth and accepted that with smile you could have proved him wrong.

The saddest part of India is  we have some communalist like Owaisi who rather than developing the muslim youth misguide them and we also have leaders like Yogi Adityanath ,Sadhvi who in the name of religion will gather lakhs of public and will show them as greatest sympathisers of Hinduism and greatest preachers; but have they actually done anything for hinduism? And who the hell made you the caretaker of Hinduism. I am educated and I dn’t need a leader like you. Foundations of Islam and Hinduism are strong enough to run without you guys.

Now lets bring the  best part of the day. There has been plenty of stuff in facebook telling how Dhulagarh district in Bengal is burning; how Hindus are being killed;temples are being razed and Swamis of some peaceful charitable organizations are being bashed up.The entire episode is being portrayed as equivalent to those days of Aurangzeb when grant to temples started by Akbar was stopped and many temples where actually razed.

Many people shouted that NDTV is biased favoured towards muslims and hence this news is not there.Bloods of mine also was boiling . After all I am also a  normal middle class guy.I will not like my brothers being killed.Today called up my sister who stays there but was shocked to hear that all this news was fabricated and just some minor clashes happened. Nothing more. Yet we have become so blind that we listened to one news channel which is only know to support government.

I have still one question was this anyway justified. This small rumour would have caused rift between two friends of opposite communities.
Lets understand that FB is such a  great invention. Katrina cyclone,Vardah cyclone,Berlin attacks,Paris attacks in all these cases FB was of  great help. Lets not make it a political battleground and some place where we wash our cheap political sentiments.

I think politics itself is dirty.There is a saying politics is a dirty play,played by dirty people.Why we avoid politics in our family because politics is something which is always based on selfish needs and not on emotions. Every good work done in  politics is not being done with actual intent of  good deeds but will sole intent of winning votes.

Let be it Obama,Arvind Kejriwal or Modi every one has intents of winning votes.
So stop fighting and start analysing.



Firhas Zahabi-The Killing Buddha’s Philosophy



For people who are close to martial arts or any combat sports  are well aware of this name Firhas Zahabi(the killing buddha).
A philosophy graduate,wonderful human being, and world’s best fighter he  is the head coach of the Tristar Gym in Canada; training the  best UFC fighters and winners.

But rather than blood,blow and punches this person is far ahead in terms of philosophy about life and it’s worth listening.

If you have the patience then just listen to his  interview;snippets from which I will mention down:


As per Firhas Zahabi one need to find positive in every aspect of life and when a person learns to do that ; then only he achieves success. For example if you know that you have cancer and will die in next 6 months. Don’t think that the world  is ending rather than that think that every day is going to be special now and equivalent to 1 year. You are  going to live every day to fullest.
At the same time he tells that  there is flip side during success ; one can think that today I am successful but tomorrow  things may turn bad. A successful person with good mindset as a  result of that is proactive and does things that  makes him  push out of comfort zone.

Secondly he  is  fan of Socratis; as per Socratis every thing is this world s fragile such a friend,money,luxury but when the life  is based on principles then that may not look that attractive but it has the power of being  not fragile and  the power  to recover  back in case of any disaster that has touched it.

Thirdly every nation  that has destroyed itself has actually not been murdered but has committed suicide due to corruption in the belief of the citizens.

Fourthly,nothing in this world is expected to be naturally good as per Socratis.We cannot expect a  good house on its own hence we have civil engineering in its place;we cannot expect healthy body on its own and hence we have medicine in place. Same way for us  perfection is not expected and its good to be imperfect;but also to bring in some mechanism to remove that imperfection is equally needed.So if  some one is weak then its ok but what he needs to do is to learn combat sports.

Fifthly for every great sportsperson,athlete,actor,entrepreneur the will power is limited and will get exhausted and hence what we need to do in life is to do things where we have the flow or we have the passion in doing those things. In that case we do not need any will power or hard work because we will enjoy doing that thing.

Sixthly ; there are many times where there have  been many accidents that have caused limitations;but sometimes those limitations induce clarity of mind in people and hence they end up contributing more. For example for Stephen Hawkins the famous physicist if he was not sent to wheelchair then he would have been embroiled in many other things of concern and as a result of many questions in the field of physics would have been left answered.

Seventhly, in life death comes at lowest level of significance, it is preceded by anxiety,tension,courage etc. But enthusiasm is at the top. So one who is  enthusiastic is living his life to fullest. So we need to do things that make us enthusiastic every morning.

Stay healthy,Stay happy and Stay fit.


Fire the toxic ones



The toxic employee

Firing is something which we have always hated to talk and discuss about .

But can firing be good.

Yes I think.

There was one such scenario when Tesla motor was running in deep losses.

The first wave of experiment failed and before there Second demo the biggest threat was bunch of employees who where not only demotivated but also felt that Elon Musk plan was a failure.

So what did Elon do. He fired them.

Did he succeeded after that?

yes they are one of those companies who have succeeded in rolling out electric vehicles that run like a sports car.

So yes that was needed.

I love to call them or these set of employees as toxic employees.

They add less value but more criticism and that criticism leads no where.

Let me share some scenarios in this regard then and some criticism that comes:

No roadmap

Nothing to learn

No management

No visibility.

But they often forget that these are the very same set of things that they need to do.

I think I am correct  in thinking that they are paid for this.

But rather than that  these people create a pessimistic environment all around you and thus even the most motivated one looses hope to move ahead.

Thus crippling the entire process of growth and progress of the new ones too.

Yes I do agree that you will have scenarios when such situations do exist

But never in history it has happened that criticism has fetched more results than action.

So we need to take our heads up push ourselves and move ahead.

Yet if results are null, we have companies to switch where we may get what we intent for.

But  simply being toxic is nothing else than a moron who cries during night and sleeps during morning.

Such employees need to be fired for the sake of organization ,fresher and other co workers.

So for all those who have such things around them just learn to ignore these toxic stuff else they will also make you drown along with them.

Stay happy,stay healthy stay fit.



Hinduism getting diluted

More and more I visit the pilgrimage sites and more I become close to Hinduism due to increase spirituality in my life ; the only thing I come to the conclusion is that temple or the pilgrimage sites that are considered to be the places to promote Hinduism are the one who are diluting it.
Let me start by sharing an example;today I visited Kalighat; those who are well versed with the hindu mythology are well aware that Kalighat is one the peeths here in India. An immensely sacred place.Being a sacred place what we need to expect is that the place is well rid of all the corruption.
But this is the place from where the corruption starts.Numerous agents known by the name of Panda’s are born brahmins who are responsible in taking a visitor till the temple sanctum and then making him do the puja.
But these Panda’s are nothing more than pimps ;pimps who are much worse than the one who deal with prostitutes.The pimps dealing with a  prostitute atleast trade a human being but these people  are actually trading the very god who made them.
Snatching away money from poor desperate hindu who went to god for the sake of divine blessings; is something which gives these pandas there livelihood. Sad to see something like that.
No god  or goddess or any diety in this world has ever asked for money  in return for blessings else if this was the case then Bill gates would have owned entire worlds  blessings.
Lets not forget that this Hinduism was a religion of broad mindedness,openness.
When even  in the west the act of physical intimacy demanded King’s consent[Fulcrinated under the consent of King(FUCK)];hinduism gave the world a book like Kamasutra,numerous vedas,Yoga. But now we have temples where dalit is shoed away,muslim brother is thrown away,mensurating women are not allowed!!!! Yet we worship Goddess Durga.
Is’nt that hypocritic??????? I believe even the astrology born out of Hinduism is something which took its birth when the  first con man met the first fool.
But happy to say that we still have Brahmins who are actual devotees.Met today a wonderful knowledgeable old man; who being a  pujari himself is ashamed at the practises being done by his fellow  pujaris. If the trend of such hypocrisy still exist I think people will do question Hinduism and then young will alienate from it and thus it will die a  slow death.
Hope we all get rid of such nuisance and start thinking that the very places which are sacred ;if such practices happen then god will leave us ; his mercy his blessing will go.

Think just think once !!

Stay healthy,happy and Fit


Are we respecting social media


One of the reason why  I thought that I will take  up blogging was the fact that I was about to erupt with so many  thoughts. But the sad part is that people  often erupt in social media,express there  opinions ,personal thoughts ,likes ,dislikes . What that causes is the failure of the very purpose of social media.The very platform that was being made to  join people and make them collaborative becomes a disruptive platform.

Now for example  dislike and  difference in opinion  among  the supporters of two  political parties,difference of communal ideas,difference in like  of movies ,difference in  two fan clubs,difference in terms of casteist reservations are the  things  that have occupied today’s social media. For example twitter,facebook was flooded with the hate messages  when Aamir Khan expressed some  opinion on intolerance in country.

But we often forget that this  media platform which is an engineering marvel of  its own was being created to connect but today by such trends ; distance amongst friends are increasing. Two friends who earlier had there  political agenda confined to themselves are now expressing  in  facebook publicly and the result is  with these  practise being followed constantly; at some instant both of them realise that they differ a  lot in there ideas and hence  need  not to be friends. But we often forget that difference in opinion is  a  important part of  any ecosystem and  this rift would have never happened  ten years back when  we  where cautious enough to hold our thoughts to ourselves.

Expressing grief together, expressing happiness together,sharing lovely moments of life together are the things  which we need today. At the time  when the entire world is taking the  toll due to terrorism,starvation and global climate changes! petty issues or arguements  over AAP,BJP ,caste,intolerance,conversion,brain drain is something which is painful and too me is not the motive or the intent by which Zuckerberg made this  facebook.

Wats the  use of  any technology if that is  disruptive in bad way rather than being collaborative.

I hope that atleast  my friends who are techies and  know  how much effort is needed in building such giant platforms  are  conscious  enough to  not indulge in such things in  future.
If you really want to  express I  think there are plenty of  platforms  to express and  blogging and having your own website is one such.

Thanks  all,Have a great day ahead,Stay happy,Stay Fit 🙂