I love MODI but I hate BHAKTS

Today I do not feel like opening facebook or any other form of social media; because I think my friends have become less of human being and more of political analyst. Today the India which consist of 67% of youth is less ethical and much more below the standards than our forefathers. We love to […]

Firhas Zahabi-The Killing Buddha’s Philosophy

  For people who are close to martial arts or any combat sports  are well aware of this name Firhas Zahabi(the killing buddha). A philosophy graduate,wonderful human being, and world’s best fighter he  is the head coach of the Tristar Gym in Canada; training the  best UFC fighters and winners. But rather than blood,blow and […]

Fire the toxic ones

  The toxic employee Firing is something which we have always hated to talk and discuss about . But can firing be good. Yes I think. There was one such scenario when Tesla motor was running in deep losses. The first wave of experiment failed and before there Second demo the biggest threat was bunch […]

Hinduism getting diluted

More and more I visit the pilgrimage sites and more I become close to Hinduism due to increase spirituality in my life ; the only thing I come to the conclusion is that temple or the pilgrimage sites that are considered to be the places to promote Hinduism are the one who are diluting it. […]

Are we respecting social media

One of the reason why  I thought that I will take  up blogging was the fact that I was about to erupt with so many  thoughts. But the sad part is that people  often erupt in social media,express there  opinions ,personal thoughts ,likes ,dislikes . What that causes is the failure of the very purpose […]