Book Review: Homo Deus – A Brief History Of Tomorrow


It was a great book once again by the author Yuval Noah Harari, this book picks up from the present time and predicts the possibilities of the future. To tell you the truth it was pretty scary at times and it almost felt like a fiction but I the sad truth is that we are heading that way.

The books loosely revolve around the idea of algorithms and say that they will be in the front seat of the civilization, which is by the way already happening in case of searching(anything on the internet) and driving(google maps), in multiple occasions, he has shared such patterns.

He has also shared how we are changing ourselves to accommodate the fast-changing world and how that will affect us in the long run, (this particular bit was quite scary).

In short, as we are developing and our problems are diminishing (i.e. health, hunger, electricity etc ), but at the same time we are creating new sets of problems and we must at least acknowledge those problems. The book discusses those new problems and their possible solutions.



Book Review: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell


After a long time, I finally completed the book which I started long back, Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. This book uncovers the decisions made during those fleeting moments which often get neglected otherwise. The author explains what the “gut feeling” actually is.

It may sound like a very small topic but those fleeting moments matter most when it is a matter of life and death. The author explains how police officers had to deal with this on daily basis and how difficult that decision is. There are many stories which discuss the events in the story, followed by the explanation of what actually have had happened.

Blink has a small topic overall but the author has shared some of the most dreadful events in history which got defined in those split seconds. It was an interesting read overall. I would give 3.5/5 rating to this book.

The Deadliest Species


“We” are the deadliest species of all. But you might know that already! Sweeping all those animals to extinction was crucial for our survival and we wouldn’t have survived at all if our ancestors would have done anything different from what they did (30,000 years ago).

The author paints quite a picture in the book, “Sapiens” on how we killed millions of species which inhabited the world before the cognitive revolution took place. It doesn’t look nice nowadays as it was brutal and inhuman. But the world back then wasn’t a nice place too, it was hostile and sparing those species meant risking our survival. They basically it what they had to do in order to survive.

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind


Most of the books which I have read used to have direct application meaning I could apply whatever I read from the book my daily life and also write about it. In Sapiens things are much different, I am reading stuff that has happened 20,000 years ago. The author has described people with many different cultures who roamed the world thousands of years ago. It’s a kind of fun to read about and there is a lot to learn about the humankind in general but none of that stuff is shareable in a way that other people can learn from and apply it (like other books).

In that sense, “Sapiens” is a very different from the books which I have read earlier and I have very less to share on day to day basis. Right now the author is explaining why giants like mammoths and other animals in Australian megafauna vanished from the earth’s surface and how “we” became the new masters of the land. It’s a great story which we already know (thanks to our geography classes in high schools) but what the author is doing here is sharing the minute details of those incidents.

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

source: wiki

The book “Sapiens” is very different from the book which I have read earlier. To write about things which are elaborated in the book is quite a challenge for myself. These are the things so trivial that we have never noticed them ever. The author is talking about how we have evolved over the millenniums. How religion came into existence and why it was important and crucial to our existence since the very beginning of the cognitive revolution.

What is the most trivial thing which differentiates between the Homo sapiens and everything else on the planet? How believing in myths and legends, and things which we have never seen or felt have shaped our existence. These are the things which we never talk about in a normal conversationbut they are kind of remarkably intuitive when I think about it and it all makes so much sense.

If this is just the start of the book, I am in for an amazing ride for sure.

Started Reading the Book: Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind

source: wiki

What could be better than starting the day with a brand new book! Finally, I started a long awaited book on my waiting list, “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind”. Finding a good book to read from Amazon’s best seller list is one thing, and I do that very often but when someone suggests me to read a book I love it because personal recommendations are the best.

Daud bhai suggested me to read this book, and I already have a strong intuition that this is going to be a great read.

This book is about us “the sapiens”, (pretty straight forward) and the beginning was very promising, it looks like he is going to uncover some juicy untold facts about us.


Fixed Mindset People


The time when we are convinced that we do not need any more learning is the time when we stop growing altogether. If you are reading there is a high chance you do not belong to that category because you are taking a slice of your time from your life and have dedicated it to learn something new by reading, so you are not one of them but those people do exist. They are our friends, our colleagues, our relatives.

They are fixed mindset people, if you argue with them and if they lose they turn against you. If you don’t take their advice they’ll make you pay for that. They get hurt real fast, and from time to time they hurt other people around them too.

I was one of them for a very long time. I am glad that I found a cure.

Fixing Others

People talk about problems all the time what they don’t do is talk about the solution to their problems. Knowing and practicing to talk about solutions to our problems has the power to change our lives, but it comes with a price too. Once you have acquired this knowledge there will be an urge to fix other people’s problems.

We all are socially active in our own ways, we like to spend our time with other people and often we find out that most of the time other people don’t talk about solution rather they will share every aspect of their problems in great details, and whenever they will talk about their problems you’ll try to fix them. This costs energy and after several such discussions you’ll find out that it’s easy to change ourselves than others.
Knowing when to quit is important. Incessantly burning energy and trying to make them solve their problem is not the way it works. Lots of people have problem, but not all of them want to get out of it and over time they start to enjoy their misery.

Try to solve other people problems but only if they say so.

Let’s Change Something..

I am changing my writing habits. Not because there is some problem in the previous one but because I want to experiment with it. The whole point of writing every day was that if I write daily I will get to experiment on the daily basis whereas while writing on weekly basis there’s too much pressure of performing well, which I didn’t want to myself since the beginning.

Turned out that I wrote well, my speed and thought the process has increased significantly, I am much more effective and efficient in sharing my side of the story, not only on my blog but everywhere else. Isn’t that the whole purpose of communicating effectively.

Now that the things are in good shape, it’s time to experiment some more. Experimentation doesn’t mean that it would be a sure success, it means I would get a chance to do something different, I will find out if I am more effective when writing in the morning or during the day time, I will even try writing about some technical stuff which I am currently doing right now.

As always, thank you for reading.!

Finally Completed the Book, “59 Seconds”


I finally completed the book, “59 Seconds” by Richard Wiseman. It was one of those books which have given me much knowledge about human psychology, and that too in a plain natural language meaning I understood it well.

It was one of the books which I have written most about in my blog while reading and now that the book is completed I am feeling nostalgic and I already have planned to read other books by Dr. Richard because of his simple writing style.

The book basically consists of many short and simple techniques on dealing with people, dealing with our own self, how to beat procrastination, how to do more and stuff like that. Very simple and practical techniques that can be understood and applied by all. I personally am applying several techniques and although it’s too soon to tell I have an intuition that they are working already.