Easy is Boring

Our true potential is challenged when we face a difficult situation. If everything is easy life becomes boring but we never think it that way. All difficulties brings strength as a by-product which we realize later. Why else there are so many successful people with difficult beginnings in their lives.

I have been planning to move to Dubai for a long time but because of some challenges I am not able to do so. Today I got to know the story of a colleague of mine who started his career in 2008 from Dubai. He got a job “easily” because of his father’s connections and was earning handsomely. After working for about 3 years in Dubai, he moved to New Delhi with a job paying less than quarter of his Dubai’s salary and with more workload. He went through some challenges to find this job, though. He is working here for about 5 years now, he is happy and says it is everything he wanted for himself.

If we get anything in our life easily we tend to give less respect to it simply because it was easy. On the other hand whatever we have got after some struggle we appreciate and give gratitude to it.


Don’t Like Your Job?

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Planning long term is difficult and that is why a very few people do it. Let’s say you don’t like your job (according to a report, there are twice as many “actively disengaged” workers in the world as there are “engaged” workers who love their jobs, to read more about it, click here).

If you are employed, odds are that you don’t like your job. If that is the case with you, what are you doing about it? Chances are that you are sucking up to it and doing it anyway. But then that should not be the end of your story. If you don’t like your job find another one, if you can’t find a suitable job, keep looking and in the meantime keep upgrading your skills.

It wouldn’t happen overnight though. You will have to plan for it. It will require long-term planning and consultation with friends who have done it before. All of it requires consistent effort for a considerate amount of time, that’s execution because only planning is not enough.

Sharing Stories Positively

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I have listened and heard a lot of startups stories, today I stumbled upon another one except that it was written exceptionally well and I would recommend it to everyone who is planning to switch to a startup or just wants to know some dark secrets of the startup world. Here is the link to the story.

As a writer, you have a choice, a choice of writing the story with a positive attitude. I remember the time when I used to write in my secret notebook, in those days I didn’t have any intention of ending the story on a positive note and often it ended with lots of negativity. Now whenever I unearth those writings I think how could I ever write something like that.

The best thing about sharing stories with others is that I have to extract out the positive points, the learnings and share it out loud with others. This invariably makes me a positive person and it feels awesome.


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So many people have said to me that I have much more potential than what I manifest. I am pretty sure that you also must have been told by your peers and elders that you also have much more potential than what you imagine.

Pressure plays an important role in realizing people’s potential, we tend to achieve much more when we are put under pressure. We have achieved much more than we have thought when we were in college. I remember my time in ILP(Initial Learning Programme) of TCS(Tata Consultancy Services), we were under extreme pressure during that time and we achieved so much more, ask any of TCSer and he would tell that ILP was the toughest time of all.

I had a task which was planned for one week and surprisingly I achieved all of it in about last 20 hours. Yes, I was under pressure but now the pressure has been lifted and it feels really good. Give yourself a deadline and make sure you meet it and you will be amazed by the results.

What is it about a service that makes it remarkable?

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What is it about a service that makes it remarkable?

The service industry is scarce in the places where the population is low, like all over Europe it’s very expensive. On the other hand, in India, we have people, lots and lots of people and most of us are in service Industry. The service industry thrives in the Indian economy. We even serve people outside the country and we serve them even better than their countrymen.

This has made us(the customers) really choosy and the service providers really competitive. As a customer everywhere we go, we have choices, and most of the deals are great. So keeping all these things in mind what makes a service great? Like everything else in this world everyone has an opinion over this too, some choose a hassle free service, some of us like the cheapest deal in town and so on.

This opened a range of service providers and another spectrum of people who are willing to pay for it. Looking at the system from the far above it looks like it has an ecosystem of its own. We are doing great as a nation indeed.


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I am very certain that our actions define our future and our destiny but looking at the past sometimes, it’s very difficult to say that our destiny is only the function our actions (the math geeks would understand what I am talking about here).

There are a lot of other variables which have defined our life and has given the shape that it has right now. It’s true that our actions play a very significant role in defining our future, and that is also the only thing which is in our control. With that said, there are many other factors which are perhaps invisible to us but constantly defining our future.

Today I met one of my friends after a very long time, who was also my roommate while I was in senior secondary school, in Jamia Millia Islamia. He was a very shy and introvert person back then and it’s difficult to believe that he is roaming all around the world right now because of the kind of job he has. Yes, it’s true that it was his decision to accept the job that he has but there were a lot more other factors which led him to choose that job which is perhaps invisible to him too.

Working With Physical Documents.!! Part 2

Remember the time when I shared that I had to work on physical documents in my current project in order to get the things done(click here to recollect your memory). Turns out that there was a digital copy of everything all along that we didn’t know about. Since searching in physical documents was very hectic and time-consuming I was checking with everyone in the office about that digital copy and finally, I found all of it(I was so happy..!).

It sounds way too easy as I am writing this down but trust me finding something like this where nobody is co-operating is really difficult and that is exactly what I’ll talk about here in this article.

Here is a quote from Dale Carnegie on human engineering and negotiation skills.

“Even in such technical lines as engineering, about 15% of one’s financial success is due to one’s technical knowledge and about 85% is due to skill in human engineering, to personality and the ability to lead people.”

Dale Carnegie

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Yes, there were a lot of technical challenges that I had to face in order to make that database dump useful but again I got that piece of information not from my technical abilities but rather from my non-technical abilities. It’s very easy to complain in a hostile environment where nobody is co-operating but then these are the places where we get to use our negotiation and human engineering skills into play.

A Better Way

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There’s always a way out, a better way to do the mundane and repetitious tasks that we have to do at work. Some people like to do it the way they have been doing it since ages, repetitions never bothered them. Some people are the opposite of that nature, they like to minimize the repetition, they value their time, they know how important it is to save time and do something else with their saved time.

There’s one problem though, finding ways to shorten the repetitious tasks is not easy, it takes “out of the box thinking” and we have to talk to people and take help in order to understand the whole process. The funny thing is that for some people these steps are fun and they are more than willing to take action on them, on the other hand, it’s very uncomfortable for the people who don’t like change.

Improving the process is change, some people don’t like it and they like the old way of doing things. They are the people who would be left behind in this ever changing world. Every process can be improved and with the advent of digital age, these improvements are very frequent.


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Deadline is one of the many words managers abuse in order to get the shit done. Yes, they are very useful but only when set keeping the realities of the project in mind.

Deadline being missed every single time means something is really wrong with either the people who are setting it or the people who are working on it. It means it’s time to brainstorm the reasons why we are missing it on the regular basis. It’s the responsibility of the manager to have that conversation where everyone is in the same room so that no one can play hide and seek anymore.

Some managers know that they are creating unrealistic goals for their people and just go on with it, if that’s the situation they are really crappy managers because they don’t know that if they keep their people happy, they will manage themselves without needing much assistance.

The Flow

I met with one of my old friends after a very long time (though we are living in adjacent cities only). It was very pleasant to see him, we talked about good old days and also the current challenges we are facing in our lives. He has the perfect job and I am talking New Delhi standards, a senior software developer at a very good company and yet he was bored out of his work.

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Digging into the matter I got to know that the things that he does at the firm have stopped challenging him enough. The way he used to enjoy programming and developing stuff isn’t interesting enough now because he now knows ins and outs of the software development and it has stopped being fun and interesting now.

That’s a situation we all face at some point in time in our jobs and it is frustrating because we love our jobs and we don’t want to just quit our jobs but since it is not fun, we stop liking it the way we used to like in the old days. A challenge keeps things interesting, helps us grow, helps us stretch beyond our limits.

Since I have decided to limit my posts only to 3 paragraphs per day(max), tomorrow I’ll continue from here.