The Bismarck Plan

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Otto von Bismarck was one of the most famous politicians in Germany. Well, Germany wasn’t there at that time and he is often accredited with the unification of Germany as we see it today. I first heard about him from the book, “How To Master Your Time” by Brain Tracy.




He sounded like an interesting person also I dig up the Internet for more information and thankfully I found interesting things about him. This guy was famous for his contingency plans, meaning plan B. He used to have plans like everyone else and his plans sometimes failed like everyone else’s but he was one of the very few persons in the history who always had a full-fledged plan B in place just in case. He became so popular for his contingency plans that people used to call the concept of backup plans as “The Bismarck Plan“.

The author says that we should always have a plan B which is an obvious thing to advice but it is also one those things which we often forget to implement. It was nice knowing about the person who is known for the term “Plan B“.

Looking at the current situation in India it seems that our prime minister should have learned something from Bismarck. The chaos is increasing everywhere and people are becoming desperate leading destructions which are obviously not good. God help us all in this difficult situation.


The Moment of Relief   

Truly remarkable turn of events started from this morning. My uncle came at 6 o’clock from Bihar to help me go through this ordeal. At 12 o’clock the report came that the platelets count is increased from 87k to 1 lakh 38k, the doctor discharged my mother from the hospital and we came home around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. 

We were in a video chat with our family members back home for about more than half hour in the evening, everyone came and chatted and saw my mother talk a bit, I could see them getting relief and it was amazing. There were a lot of crying involved in the beginning of the call but they became happy afterward. Thanks to Facebook and its video calling feature. It seems that it’s the first time we have used the technology so effectively.

This last week felt like a month though, and I have certainly emerged stronger from this situation. For last two nights I was sleeping with my spectacles on and today after waking up I found out that I have broken my specs in my sleep. I am back with my old specs. On a normal day it would have broken my heart (since it was newly purchased one) but today I just didn’t care. I guess this is what it means to emerge stronger from a difficult situation. You just do not care for small things anymore.

I am very grateful to Allah for helping me go through the situation.

Thank you all of you for all the support. Thank you so much.


What is one of the worst feelings in the world ??


I almost skipped today’s post because of my mother’s illness, she was in high fever this evening and was shivering in pain. I was there but couldn’t do anything. Indeed illness is one of those things which no one can share it with anyone.

I gave all the medicines I could but it appeared as if nothing was working. Thanks to Dr. Afif for helping me in the difficult situation and suggesting me the medicines. I was getting all the help but at the same time was feeling so helpless. I just wanted to ease my mother’s pain. The headache is still there but thankfully the fever is down. I hope she would feel much better tomorrow.

Please pray for her.

The Stupidity


All my cousins are on my Facebook and they have just started to use the platform, thanks to the technological progress that we have made so far. They remind me of my first few months on Facebook.

I was a freshman in college when I first started using it. Facebook was the new thing at that time at least in India. I signed up but couldn’t understand a thing, I hated the tabs, the newsfeed and the way things were displayed at that time(I was accustomed to Orkut if you don’t even know what it is then we have an age gap).

Facebook was much cooler than Orkut since all the cool kids were hanging out there and I said to myself I must be missing something so let’s go and understand how it works. I don’t know what happened to my Orkut account after that.

When I see my cousins post stupid posts I remember the time when I used to post with utmost stupidity, perhaps we all are the same after all. These must be the feelings my parents would have had when I used to do stupid things in my childhood(still do sometimes).

Movie Review: The Spectacular Now


Enough philosophy already, it’s time for a movie review.

A couple of days ago I watched the movie, “The Spectacular Now”. I chose the movie because of its catchy name and the awesome trailer(click here to watch) and it didn’t disappoint me at all. It is based on the novel of the same name by Tim Tharp. The movie is about a teenage protagonist, Sutter Keely who is very popular in high school and has a part-time job in the neighborhood.

He just has been dumped and as a rebound has fallen in love with a girl, a very nice girl who he stumbled upon after getting drunk and lost. The protagonist goes through quite rough time with his mom, dad, and his new girlfriend. In addition to that, there are other several issues which the movie depicts beautifully.

Compared to other kids, I haven’t had that many hardships… not really. Shit’s… Stuff’s happened, sure, but stuff always happens right? But the real challenge of my life, the real hardship is me. It’s always been me.
Sutter Keely

Enough has been said and written about “the now”. We are told to live in the now and that’s what protagonist did his whole life. Yes, living in the now is an incredible way to live but one has to think about the future too and that’s what the protagonist missed. While everyone else in his class was making plans for college and higher education, he was just living in the now. He ended up having nothing but misery. In the end like every other good movie, he learned his lesson and started making plans for his future.

The best thing about now is that there’s another one tomorrow.
Sutter Keely

Easy is Boring

Our true potential is challenged when we face a difficult situation. If everything is easy life becomes boring but we never think it that way. All difficulties brings strength as a by-product which we realize later. Why else there are so many successful people with difficult beginnings in their lives.

I have been planning to move to Dubai for a long time but because of some challenges I am not able to do so. Today I got to know the story of a colleague of mine who started his career in 2008 from Dubai. He got a job “easily” because of his father’s connections and was earning handsomely. After working for about 3 years in Dubai, he moved to New Delhi with a job paying less than quarter of his Dubai’s salary and with more workload. He went through some challenges to find this job, though. He is working here for about 5 years now, he is happy and says it is everything he wanted for himself.

If we get anything in our life easily we tend to give less respect to it simply because it was easy. On the other hand whatever we have got after some struggle we appreciate and give gratitude to it.

An Interesting Person

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All I wanted to become was “an interesting person”. A person who have a lot of stories to tell and a person who can inspire others. I was trying really hard to become that interesting person. I had so many stories to tell but nobody bothered to ask my stories. I always knew that I was missing something.

Then I became a learner, I started becoming interested in other people, like genuinely interested in their lives, to get inspiration, to learn from their mistakes, to get motivated.

I never imagined how wonderful the conversation would become where I was a listener. I have been motivated by a random guy sitting next to me on the train, an electrician, a juice vendor and even a rickshaw puller. To tell you the truth, I have started to think that I can learn from every person I meet irrespective of their background.

Are we respecting social media


One of the reason why  I thought that I will take  up blogging was the fact that I was about to erupt with so many  thoughts. But the sad part is that people  often erupt in social media,express there  opinions ,personal thoughts ,likes ,dislikes . What that causes is the failure of the very purpose of social media.The very platform that was being made to  join people and make them collaborative becomes a disruptive platform.

Now for example  dislike and  difference in opinion  among  the supporters of two  political parties,difference of communal ideas,difference in like  of movies ,difference in  two fan clubs,difference in terms of casteist reservations are the  things  that have occupied today’s social media. For example twitter,facebook was flooded with the hate messages  when Aamir Khan expressed some  opinion on intolerance in country.

But we often forget that this  media platform which is an engineering marvel of  its own was being created to connect but today by such trends ; distance amongst friends are increasing. Two friends who earlier had there  political agenda confined to themselves are now expressing  in  facebook publicly and the result is  with these  practise being followed constantly; at some instant both of them realise that they differ a  lot in there ideas and hence  need  not to be friends. But we often forget that difference in opinion is  a  important part of  any ecosystem and  this rift would have never happened  ten years back when  we  where cautious enough to hold our thoughts to ourselves.

Expressing grief together, expressing happiness together,sharing lovely moments of life together are the things  which we need today. At the time  when the entire world is taking the  toll due to terrorism,starvation and global climate changes! petty issues or arguements  over AAP,BJP ,caste,intolerance,conversion,brain drain is something which is painful and too me is not the motive or the intent by which Zuckerberg made this  facebook.

Wats the  use of  any technology if that is  disruptive in bad way rather than being collaborative.

I hope that atleast  my friends who are techies and  know  how much effort is needed in building such giant platforms  are  conscious  enough to  not indulge in such things in  future.
If you really want to  express I  think there are plenty of  platforms  to express and  blogging and having your own website is one such.

Thanks  all,Have a great day ahead,Stay happy,Stay Fit 🙂

It’s okay to start over.!


It is very easy to blame the past misfortunes on someone. We get easily sucked into the negativity and start thinking about the things we could have done in the past. It’s very tempting.

But is it the right thing to do?

In all those moments we should step back and try to think if mourning helps us in any way?

In most of the cases, it doesn’t.

So why bother wasting your time and energy on something that wouldn’t help you in any way. It’s a trivial question but in the spur of the moment we often forget asking this question to ourselves and get sucked into the negativity.

It’s okay to start over.!

Sharing Stories Positively


I have listened and heard a lot of startups stories, today I stumbled upon another one except that it was written exceptionally well and I would recommend it to everyone who is planning to switch to a startup or just wants to know some dark secrets of the startup world. Here is the link to the story.

As a writer, you have a choice, a choice of writing the story with a positive attitude. I remember the time when I used to write in my secret notebook, in those days I didn’t have any intention of ending the story on a positive note and often it ended with lots of negativity. Now whenever I unearth those writings I think how could I ever write something like that.

The best thing about sharing stories with others is that I have to extract out the positive points, the learnings and share it out loud with others. This invariably makes me a positive person and it feels awesome.