Connecting The Dots..!

connecting the dots

I am a technical person, but lately, I have read some of the marketing books by various authors and entrepreneurs. While I was reading the first few books I was like how can I apply all these knowledge. Often I used to get frustrated because there was no way I could apply them right away due to my background. Now that I have finished some of the books, I have started to feel that it’s okay if I am not able to apply these principles right away.

In the history of commencement speeches, the one that Steve Jobs made at Stanford University in 2005 has a unique place. It is by far one of the best commencement speeches ever and if you have not watched it yet here is the YouTube link.

In his speech, Steve Jobs shared that in his college days he was fascinated by the calligraphy course which was taught in the university. The course was not related to him but he took it anyway without ever knowing that it will be of any use. At that time it certainly seemed that it was of no use. The various fonts that we enjoy in our computers are the result of those calligraphy classes but it was impossible to think of its usage when he was learning those skills.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life”
Steve Jobs

I am pretty sure whatever you are learning will be of use in the future, not knowing is actually the part of the game.




Often before falling asleep I count the productive things I have done during the day time on that day. Some days go as I had planned them in the morning, but on some occasions, I feel like shit. Those are nights when I say to myself, “I forgive myself for wasting my time today, I promise that I’ll do better from next day onwards”.


We all have had those awesome feeling in the night when the day is well spent but the trick comes on the occasions where we screw up and do the things which we didn’t intend to do in the first place. On those days I used to be quite harsh on myself and I found out that it was not helping me. In general, we are very harsh on ourselves, and we seldom forgive ourselves for screwing up.

Forgiving myself for the screw ups, is one of the best things I have done in order to improve myself. Thank you Vanddna for helping me realize my mistake.

Being Grateful in Tough Times


The normal thought patterns change after a mishap. I tried to stay positive but the negativity stayed in with me in small proportion. I think it’s normal, I am just a human like everybody else.

To alter the negative thought patterns, I pinned down all the things which I am grateful for and it really helped me change my state. “You can not be grateful and angry at the same moment”, I remember Tony Robbins share this statement in one of his interviews.

It’s true, after doing the exercise I was feeling better and then I headed for the office.

May Her Soul Rest in Peace


Many of us are blessed with a good life, a good family, a very supportive environment, and all the basic necessities life can provide but not all of us. Every day we watch on the news that many countries are suffering from prolonged wars but since those news has become so common that it has stopped affecting us the way it used to do in the past. We are more informed than ever but far less emotional, maybe it’s a good thing since we are bombarded with bad news every single day.

With that said, if anything happens in your neighborhood you can’t ignore. It sticks with you and left a scar on you. Something like that happened today. Irfan, the guy who brings RO purified water bottles in my locality had a 12 years old girl. She was complaining of the stomach ache for about 1-month, and every time she was given a painkiller after consulting local pharmacists. This morning she died in Safdarjang Hospital and the doctor said that she could have been saved if she would have started taking the right medicines on time.

There are thousands and thousands of stories like that where because of the negligence of the parents the child can not be saved. I am sorry for sharing a bad news to you but I could not think of anything else today.

May her soul rest in peace.


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Whenever I look at myself in the past I say to myself, “If only I would have shared, the things would have been much different.”

Today I saw another classic example of a problem becoming gigantic over time only because it was not shared with others and was kept to oneself for a considerable amount of time. Only this time it was not me and by the end of the conversation I said to him, “If only you would have shared this with your father 2 years back, he would not have been worried this much by now.”

We don’t share our problems because it makes us vulnerable and the ego comes in the way. We like to be tough and act macho but deep down we all have problems, we all face difficulties, we all have experienced failure at some point in time. Talking about it with others is difficult for some people but then at the end of the day, they not only hurt themselves by not doing so but also cause a lot of pain to their closed ones.

The Flow

I met with one of my old friends after a very long time (though we are living in adjacent cities only). It was very pleasant to see him, we talked about good old days and also the current challenges we are facing in our lives. He has the perfect job and I am talking New Delhi standards, a senior software developer at a very good company and yet he was bored out of his work.

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Digging into the matter I got to know that the things that he does at the firm have stopped challenging him enough. The way he used to enjoy programming and developing stuff isn’t interesting enough now because he now knows ins and outs of the software development and it has stopped being fun and interesting now.

That’s a situation we all face at some point in time in our jobs and it is frustrating because we love our jobs and we don’t want to just quit our jobs but since it is not fun, we stop liking it the way we used to like in the old days. A challenge keeps things interesting, helps us grow, helps us stretch beyond our limits.

Since I have decided to limit my posts only to 3 paragraphs per day(max), tomorrow I’ll continue from here.

Back to Basics


There is so much difference in an urban and rural life. I am not able to remember when was the last time I saw the deep blue sky in the morning and appreciate it’s beauty. The busy schedule and the nocturnal routine has taken most of my life and it’s not just me, it’s the story of every urban lifestyle.

In my recent visit to my hometown, I realized how much we can accomplish if we start waking up early in the morning. The mind is fresh and the whole body works the way it really should. The stress level is minimum because of the long sleep and the weather is great no matter how hot and humid it is later that day.

We all have been reminded several times by our elders to wake up early in the morning but seldom we listen, we think we know the rules but don’t. I would try to stick to the routine I had adopted during my vacation and be a morning person.I know this post didn’t give you a revelation but sometimes it’s important to recall and implement what we already know no matter how trivial and simple it may be.

Doubt & Confidence

Doubt is planted in a very subtle way and so is the confidence.

Our subconscious mind process words from different people differently. What this mean is that we are likely to give more importance the feedback given by our closed people than the distant or unknown ones.

An encouraging word from your father can give you an adrenaline rush or can depress you like hell. We all have people around us whom we influence in our daily lives, we all have the power to empower our closed ones and we should do it more often. 

An Unfortunate Incident

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11:00 AM, 15th Jul 2016

I reached Gopalganj Railway Station in order to cancel my waitlisted ticket for Vaishali train scheduled at 2:35pm from Siwan Junction. After waiting in queue for about 15 minutes and realizing that queue is not moving I got to know that there was a link failure at Gopalganj Station. I asked an official (who was having an early lunch in the office) for the reason of failure but he didn’t respond at all as if he didn’t care. Looking at the situation, my cousin suggested me to immediately reach Thawe station to cancel the ticket, since the clock was ticking and we had to cancel the ticket before 2:00pm in order to get a refund so we headed for Thawe station at 11:30am.

12:00 PM, 15th Jul 2016

We reached Thawe station at 12:00pm, looking at the long queue at the PRS, I was devastated. I let my cousin stand in the queue and went ahead to talk to the officials to discuss my situation. The officials assured me that they would clear the queue before 2:00pm and I would get the full refund and told me to calm down. At 12:40pm the link failed at the Thawe station, the guy at the counter checked several times with his colleagues and then put up a sign on the counter saying, “The Counter is closed because of the link failure” at 12:50pm. I requested with the counter guy to help me since I was running out of time and there was really very less time left for me to go to Siwan Junction to cancel the ticket. The counter guy then told me that going to Siwan Junction is my only option and any delay would only lead to no refund of my ticket. I took his advice and I and my cousin headed for Siwan Junction at 01:00pm.

After much struggle and taking so much risk on the road we finally reached Siwan Junction PRS counter at 2:15pm only to realize that the time had run out. I was devastated and exhausted and on top of that the officials at the counter were very rude. I was feeling cheated by the railway authorities and I wanted to talk to anyone who could at least listen to my problem and do something about it.

I started looking for the Station Master, Siwan Junction. I met him in his chamber and he told me that he could not do anything. I then asked for an official who could help me, he suggested meeting with DCI of Siwan Junction. After many findings, I finally got to know the office of DCI Siwan Junction. I had to wait for about 30 minutes to meet P K Shrivastava, DCI Siwan Junction. We had the conversation where I shared my problem only to discover that he could not help me. He, however, remarked that officials at Thawe Station could have helped me if they wanted to and said that there is a provision where if the link failure has happened, the station is entitled to do the offline cancellation of the ticket during that time. I asked him to connect with DCI Thawe and so that I could get my refund properly but not only he refused to do that but also said, “Whatever I have shared with you, do not tell DCI Thawe about it”.

Disappointed with my failures I reverted to Thawe Station in order to talk to DCI Thawe. After reaching Thawe Station at about 5:00pm in the evening I asked the guy at PRS counter for DCI Thawe, he refused to answer my question and instead asked me why I wanted to meet him. After sharing my problem he said DCI Thawe is not here. I asked the counter guy for his name for record keeping, but he refused to give his name. Then I headed to find the Station Master Thawe, and after meeting him and sharing my problem he made a call to someone and said, “There is a problem, please meet this guy“. He then sent me to another office where an official again heard my story again. This guy (also refuse to give his name) made a call somewhere and they chatted a bit on the call. He then said that there are no provisions for offline cancellation during link failure in Thawe station and said that there is nothing he can do about it. He then gave an example of a train crash and said, “Something like that has happened to you in this case and we are very sorry for your loss”.

I am sharing this story with you so that it could reach to someone who could help people like us in getting a better service from Indian railways. I am not alone with this problem, the link failure occurs almost every day in our areas and we just suffer.

For the record keeping purpose and as suggested by my uncle who is also a lawyer in criminal court Gopalganj, my PNR number for yesterday’s travel is 675-6585426.

A Casual Chat

26 March 2011

A casual chat with an old friend releases much burden that we put on ourselves.

With the increasing number of ways to connect with people we often forget to connect with our old friends and also forget how awesome we were in the past.

If you look closely, our success is strongly tied up with the friends we had in the past. I still remember that day in the central library, Jamia Millia Islamia, when Nishat pushed me to stay to prepare for TCS(Tata Consultancy Services), which was coming to our campus the next day. I would have had a totally different future if I would not have stayed that night in the central library and not prepare for the upcoming exam.

The reason some of us feel strangled right now is because there’s no one to support us the way we have been supported in the past by our friends. Whenever I feel lonely I talk to my friends irrespective of the time zone they are in and I am never disappointed.