Wall Street (1987)

Last night I watched the movie “Wall Street (1987)”, one of the best movies of all time on the crazy lifestyle of wall street maniacs. “Money never sleeps”, “there is no nobility in poverty”, “greed is good”, “it’s all about bucks”, “what’s worth doing is worth doing for money” and several other one-liners that have been used numerous times in various other movies are perhaps taken from here only.

wall street
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It’s a dirty game, everyone knows it but no one can do anything about it, that’s the way it has been since the very beginning. One thing which struck me most though was when the protagonist father told him to stay away from the wall street he remarked by saying, “Create, instead of living off the buying and selling of others”. A very powerful message has been embodied here in this line which I will never forget.

The wall street never creates anything of its own, and in reality, it’s all paper money and it has no real value. Creating something out of scratch is huge, it requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice and it’s sustainable in the long run.


I Love Pixar Movies

finding nemo

I love Pixar movies.

They not only deliver extraordinary animated content but also give us a message to remember. A couple of days ago I watched “Finding Nemo” even though I had seen this movie earlier re-watching it gave me some insight which I could never have had in the past because of my own limitations.

The father-son relationship, and how ego comes into play to create havoc in their lives is worth noticing. How the clownfish went against all odds and traveled the ocean (despite the fact that he was so afraid of the ocean) to find his son and how the ocean helped him do so was just extraordinary. There’s always a deep meaning in these movies, although it seems they are meant for the children but adults can learn so much from it.

Every Pixar movie has a great message buried deep within the animation and only capable people can find those messages. These movies help us in understanding human psychology though the beauty is that people who are unable to see those aspects wouldn’t even notice those things which are placed carefully there for people who can.

Indeed, we can only see what we want to see.

The Social Network

Couple of days ago I re-watched movie “The Social Network”.

I had seen this movie earlier at the time of its release but now it was as if I was watching it for the first time.

I found new respect for Sean Parker, and after watching the movie I researched about him and his business endeavours. The guy is awesome and he is kind of silent hero for Facebook. The turn of events that led Facebook to its heights was due to him. I encourage you to read about him and get to know about his carrier.

As I recall, earlier I watched this movie considering Mark Zuckerberg as an evil character  and Eduardo Saverin (the other guy) as oppressed man. Now as I watched it again Mark sounded like a sane person, and I completely understood why he did whatever he did to save Facebook from wrong hands.

One peculiar thing I noticed from the movie was that everyone was so determined to get what they wanted, and it was as if all of them were on a mission.


The Big Short

I was extremely exhausted today but then I had one movie on my laptop which was recommended by my friend, whose recommendation I really care about.

“The Big Short”, I know there is no clue in the name that would reveal what this movie is about.

This movie is about The Housing Crisis, the one that shook the world.

My father talked about it so many times during that time that I got really fascinated about it and went ahead to find more about the crisis on the internet. But then I got confused mainly because I had very little knowledge at that time and it takes some expertise to extract information out of Internet.

My father is a genius I remember him talking about the crisis with my relatives and how it was going to affect India and neighboring countries, I only remember that he totally knew what he was talking about.

I wish I could spend some more time with him.

Back to the movie now.!

Let me be honest with you if you want entertainment, this movie ain’t for you.

Since it is based out of sheer facts and incidents, there are tons of jargons used in this movie and you might find it boring, but only if you are not interested in the Housing crisis.

If sometime you think that something is wrong and it seems nobody is caring and you have an intuition that you are right and you just can’t explain it to other people, if something like that happened to you chances are that you might enjoy the movie  and starts relating  to it.

To tell you the truth, I am going to watch it again not because it’s entertaining but because I want to understand what happened and I still am not able to understand it to fullest of what happened (it is really complicated).

One thing I would like to remark about the movie is that, apart from the crisis and all, the movie revolves around the connections.

Let me put it this way..

This movie was all about the connection. You have to change you perception to see that as it might not look straight forward.

The housing crisis proved that everyone could be wrong, and I am still understating this fact. You have watch the movie to get an idea of what happens when all the geniuses of the world are wrong.


The Bucket List

Last night I watched a movie The Bucket List, this movie is about 2 guys who are in the last stage of cancer and now have only six months to live. They prepare something called a bucket list which have the list of things that they want to do before they die.

the bucket listIn their bucket list there were many items which scare the hell out of them, but since they wanted to do it, they did it anyway.

Well, I believe we all have something which we want to achieve before we die but we do not have audacity to write those things down a sheet of paper.

May I ask why..?

Why are we scared of writing it down?

I think it is the fear of failure. The fear which is deep down in our heart which says what if we can’t do it. Well I believe the first step to face that fear is to write down what we want to accomplish in our life.

It is OK to fantasize, because only those who do, accomplish it. What I learned from this movie is to prepare my bucket list before it’s too late and of course do something about it.

Hope you find some value from it.

Thank you,





Tamasha ….!!!

Hi Everyone,

Thank you Prabhu for recommending The Movie for so long that I finally watched it and it was really worth it. Here are my views on the movie and the learnings.


Many people will not like this movie because it shakes our belief system. We are in a rat race and want to be number one in it without knowing where we are heading and more importantly why we are doing it in the first place(I too admit that I am among those people). Well some of us are lucky enough to be among top ten, rest is average and we like to be like that and it is sad.

This movie talks about “WHY“. How many of us have asked WHY we are doing what we are doing and got a convincing answer?

If the answer is I am doing just because everybody is doing then my dear friend, something is wrong in the equation and you should sort it out before it’s too late. Actually nobody has asked us that very question for a very long time(I know none of my family members has asked it to me).

It is wrong to be a mediocre, I remember the time when I was awesome and unbelievable, it was the time when I was still a boy and I remember my dream of being the conqueror of the world. Well sadly I killed that boy gradually and now that I am grown up , I am realistic and mature, just want to survive. I know it is sad but aren’t many of you just like me.


I know that not everybody will like this post just like the movie, but that’s not the point.

This movie talks about doing what you love and doing the things you are passionate about and going out ways to do that(even if it scares the hell out of you). This movie inspires me to make my own story awesome.

Hope you get some value from it. Shares and comments are much appreciated.

Thank you,




Theory Of Everything

Hi Everybody,

Couple of days ago I watched the movie “Theory of Everything”.I am going to share what I learned from this movie.

This movie is about the scientist Stephen Hawking. I would recommend this movie to everyone because this movie is about struggle and overcoming them no matter what.


Watching Stephen Hawking going cripple day by day was very tough, at one point of time I felt like crying.I realized that God is so generous to me. I realized the importance of each and every body parts. Many of us are healthy and many times we take that for granted and we never realize that health is the greatest asset of all and we almost never thank God for giving this wonderful body of ours.

It was very easy for Stephen Hawking to blame everything to God and live a mediocre life , but with support of his wife,he gave an example of extraordinary strength and courage.

Well at this point we might think that he is different from everybody else and yes he is , but he also had those moments where he felt that everything is falling apart and he managed to came out of it and became a success.

This movie made me realize how important it is to have a strong and supporting spouse.I am pretty sure that he could not have achieved anything if he did not have support of his wife Jane Wilde Hawking.

We see success as an individual thing that means Stephen Hawking  is successful because of his extraordinary mind and hard work but there are so many people behind that success and those people are in background almost invisible.

Hope you find some value from it.Shares and comments would be appreciated.

Thank you,