Book Review Outlier the story of success by Malcolm Gladwell

In this video I have shared my review and learning from the book “Outliers: The Story of Success” by Malcolm Gladwell.

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Are You Listening?

All of us have a friend who talks too much, and never listens. We think he is stupid, and very often we figure out that he has no idea what he is blabbing about. While he is busy talking we have no option other than to listen,  so we listen.

Listening gives us an edge, it’s helps our mind to filter the noise.

On the other hand the person who is continuously talking is filled with noise and has no idea that you have no interest in that particular topic.

It’s very important to get the response from the listener while we are talking,  and for that we have to listen too.

God has given us 2 ears and one tongue, he must have wanted us to listen more.


A Childhood Memory

Our mind is an amazing part of our body, it works in a mysterious way.

Around 20 years back there was a flood in my hometown and we were very excited about it, as it was the time we were going to see it. I was too small to remember anything but I remember this one incident vividly.

In the evening  I was waiting for my mamu, as he promised to come home with my favorite chocolate (I don’t remember what it was),  and late in the evening he arrived, but not with the chocolate which I had in mind rather he came with “munch”.

I was not happy but I stayed quiet and took it, I remember being reminded by my mother to be grateful with what I have. I expressed my feeble attempt to thank mamu and then went on the roof to enjoy what I had.

It was an amazing experience, with moonlight shining over water waves, and a cool breeze.

it was majestic.
The point is, I remember it so vividly as if it has happened last night, but in reality it has been 2 decades now and it has become one of my very precious memories from the past and I rejoice it almost everyday with a munch in my hand.
I still wonder how our mind works, indeed it’s the most complicated machinery in the universe.


Reinventing The Wheel

We are living in a time where we are surrounded by tools, whatever we need it’s already in the market and there is no need to build things from scratch.

Someone, somewhere already have done something in the field you are about to enter, and you might not be aware about it.

If you thinking about reinventing the wheel, you might lag behind.
The best way to do things is to utilize what others have done before you and build something on top of it.

That way you have a chance to build your product far quickly and better than if you have started from scratch.

Do your research properly before starting, and talk to people because they might have a solution to your problem.

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The Scary Truth About Wall Street

Once upon a time, I wished to be wall street broker, not for long but for a very brief period of time, I had no idea how hedge funds and all other stock related stuff worked (I still have very little idea about it), so I started googling about it. Soon to realize that it is not my cup of tea, nevertheless I still wish the lavish lifestyle it gives to people who are in this business, as seen on Hollywood movies until now.

turney duff

Turney Duff, a former hedge fund broker on Wall Street and New York Times bestselling author of, The Buy Side: A Wall Street Trader’s Tale of Spectacular Excesswas today’s guest at James Altucher podcast. He is also a consultant on upcoming Showtime show, “Billions”, and is featured on the CNBC show, “The Filthy Rich Guide”.

On the show he shared his journey on Wall Street which was very eye opening to me since it was kind of revelation that what exactly happen over there. Of course we see that in the movies but it’s hard to believe from the movies since they are made not tell the truth but to make money instead.

The truth however was really scary, he shared all the illegal practices that happen in there, it was all Greek to me but I understood the core of it.

One thing that he shared which I really appreciate was that, he always wanted other people to like him, and shared how difficult that goal was, and finally he decided that he would never try to be liked by other people again.

He shared his challenges with cocaine and it was really horrifying to know all that. His final words for wall street was, “it is not worth doing”.

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Iteration & Revolution

Sometimes back I was watching  an interview of a Silicon Valley venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya, an amazing person with a vision to change how we live altogether. It was really awesome to see his thought process, and it made me realize how important it is to be in touch with right set of people, people who think differently indeed change the world.

He talked about many things, however one thing that struck me most was the difference between iteration and revolution.

chamathWe love revolution, many years back Google was a revolution, followed by Facebook. We all were very skeptical about these things yet they lasted and are going to do so in next 25 years or so. He explained about the iterative nature of the business, currently Facebook is an iterative company and so is Google, they still try to do many things which seems revolutionary but they are slowly becoming an iterative company altogether.

He truly believes that there are many revolutionary things that are going to happen in these time and also shared some his projects that are pretty awesome in Silicon Valley standards.

It was shocking to me when he reasoned why the formal education is going to end in near future, and how it would be taken over by online education. I think that’s revolutionary too, and I could see many people being skeptical about it as well.

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Learning From My Failure

We always have something to do in the pipeline, and then we finally start doing it. But for some apparent reason we could not continue.

Learning-FailuretoSuccessThe same thing happened to me when I was in college, I started a tech blog, and I was going great and the reason for doing a tech blog was to attract visitors to on my blog, and in the beginning it did attract many people. But then I started losing visitors for no apparent reason of my own, and ultimately I could not continue doing it. I lost the motivation of posting every single day knowing that a very few people are going to read it.

It’s only after so many years I learnt  that goal setting was not done properly. If I would have set the goal to continue blogging not matter what, things would have been very different by now, and I forgive myself for for not setting the goals the way I should have. Again, we learn way to much from failures than successes.

If you are going to start something, it is very crucial to have concrete principle in hand and the things which you would do no matter what.

I love this way of doing things, it makes me strong.

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