Spams and Marketing


Spams are everywhere, and they are no longer associated with the mailbox only. Spam is defined as, an irrelevant or unsolicited message sent over the internet. We go through thousands of status updates and selfie uploads over a week which provides no real value to us and they are basically spams.

Since we are an evolutionary species, our mind has already started a filtering mechanism to filter out everything which is not relevant. We may swipe indefinitely over the facebook newsfeed but we pay attention to only a fraction of the contents. The marketer now has to be interesting enough to get through the human filtering mechanism to reach to their potential clients.

Grammarly does it every single time when they send their weekly messages. I never fail to check out what’s in it for me as they couple their marketing messages with interesting facts. That’s what the next generation of marketing looks like. Sending relevant and meaningful messages to the clients and adding real values to their lives along with what they actually have to say.


Why Loyalty is Important

We live in the world where everybody is gunning for cheap and best and loyalty is rarely seen.

We are accustomed to compare the price and choose whoever is having the cheapest deal. Same goes for people doing freelancing, as in that field also the customers always want cheap and best. This is a never ending race and only customers benefit from it. Well, I am not judging if it is right or wrong.

liarsHowever there are another set of people and organizations who don’t talk about being cheap, rather their focus is to create something which have an impact, that something is a relationship, an amazing product or service and they are doing really great. American entrepreneur and investor Seth Godin talks about this phenomenon in his book “All Marketers Are Liars: The Underground Classic That Explains How Marketing Really Works–and Why Authenticity Is the Best Marketing of All“.

We have a choice either we could be among people who fight to be cheap and best or we could create a culture which cares for relationship and customer satisfaction because that’s  where loyalty comes from and because it has a long lasting impact.

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