Unconsciousness An Example

Friday is a sacred day for Muslims, on this day we perform weekly prayer called Jumma Namaz and it’s the most important prayer for the week. We all gather in a mosque around 1.00 pm and perform Namaz together.

On many occasions I am unable to get the privilege of getting a space inside the mosque, so I settled on the road beside the mosque along with many other people.

Just before starting Namaz a guy came rushing to get a space so that he could perform Namaz.

I had left my sandals near to me and in order to get space beside me and he threw my sandals away along with many other people’s ruthlessly. He was so unconscious that he had no idea what he was doing.

I watched him throw everyone’s sandals and was thinking, this is how we behave when we are unconscious.

One of the goal to perform daily prayers in Islam is to gain consciousness, and it’s very strange that we are performing our daily prayers unconsciously.



The Social Network

Couple of days ago I re-watched movie “The Social Network”.

I had seen this movie earlier at the time of its release but now it was as if I was watching it for the first time.

I found new respect for Sean Parker, and after watching the movie I researched about him and his business endeavours. The guy is awesome and he is kind of silent hero for Facebook. The turn of events that led Facebook to its heights was due to him. I encourage you to read about him and get to know about his carrier.

As I recall, earlier I watched this movie considering Mark Zuckerberg as an evil character  and Eduardo Saverin (the other guy) as oppressed man. Now as I watched it again Mark sounded like a sane person, and I completely understood why he did whatever he did to save Facebook from wrong hands.

One peculiar thing I noticed from the movie was that everyone was so determined to get what they wanted, and it was as if all of them were on a mission.


How To Never Fail In Life

The short answer is never try…!!

Because where there is a try there is a chance of success and failure.

In my college days I tried to have a technical and informational website, I continued running my website for about 6 months but then I lost interest in it.
It was http://www.computingfreak.co.cc (do not follow the link, it is not working now) nice name isn’t.!

I failed in it.

I tried to have a Facebook page with the same name and was gunning for a million followers.
Well, I still have that page and it has about 300+ followers.
At that time there was no such thing as promoting a page and everyone had a equal opportunity to get to the audience, but then they started changing the polices and I left behind.
My page still have 300+ followers and now that I have started doing things on the internet I post it there regularly. But I consider it as a failure since I could not achieved my goal within the time frame that I had set for myself.

In my college days we use to copy the previous examination question papers from a photo copier. I thought of making a website for the same and I created a little website which had all the previous papers, I scanned all the papers and uploaded it there. Nobody came to download or visit the website. I guess nobody knew that there was a website and I was too chicken to publicize so only a very few friends knew about it and some of them thought that it was not a good idea.

So it failed miserably.

Among many other adventures, these are the ones which are very public in nature. I believe the reason for almost all of the failures directly or indirectly were that I got affected by the feedback and ridicule from my friends almost every time. I remember all those moments vividly.

I still am trying many things and I don’t know if I would be successful or not. But I know one thing for sure and that is, as long as I try there’s a chance.

I hate failing because it hurts, but between not trying and failing I choose failing.


A Terrible & Fantastic Day..!

I take my earphones very seriously. Couple of months back I spent an entire day at Nehru Place (India’s leading electronic market) to get a perfect earphone which suits all my needs.

Yesterday I lost it..!

I felt terrible, and I could not concentrate in my daily activities.

That’s how much I loved them.

I lived with that feeling the entire day and then I went searching for it to the places I had been to yesterday and could not find it. I controlled myself and decided that I would go and buy the exact same model tomorrow from Nehru Place.

To my utmost surprise, couple of minutes ago as I am writing this post I found them in my same jeans pocket(the little ones that they give which are of no use).  I was so happy that I kissed my earphones and said not leave me ever again.

That thing was already with me the whole time and I didn’t realize it.

We visit mosques, temples and churches to find peace and spend thousands of rupees in search of enlightenment, without realizing that peace is already with us all the time.

To witness it we have to look inside more deeply.


Competition Vs Learning

We are programmed to compete in every situation of life.

Remember the time when a random person tries to overtake you and your ego comes in the way and you beat him and feel good about it.
That’s competition programming that we had since childhood.

Let me share a story.

I had many friends at college who were way more smarter than me. They helped me a lot and I learned many things from them. But there was a teeny tiny part of me who always wanted to excel and deep down I wanted to become smarter than them.
Well, 4 years passed in a blink of an eye and I excelled some of them but only in studies.

On the other hand, there were many other friends who just didn’t care about the competition and they were always relaxed in those days and I never understood them during my college life. Now when I think about it and I realize that they really had a wonderful time in college, while I was busy in my little competition.
Life is much more than competition.

Competition sucks the joy out the process.
If I would have focused less on competition and more on learning I would have learned much more than I do now.

We should always focus more on learning, because we all have forgotten about the competition and the learning is what we still have right now.


Our Life Situations

To complain with whatever life situation that we have is useless.

Whatever we have right now,  the problems, diseases or joy,  we have manifested it, knowingly or unknowingly, all of it, and we should not feel bad about our life situations.

Couple of days back, I was thinking that I am not living in the house my father built for me which is in my hometown Gopalganj, Bihar and I was wishing badly to be there.

We have a very beautiful home in Gopalganj, it’s really a dream come true for my parents.

During that thought process I hated my house in which I am currently living in. Then I realized that, I have manifested this house and that is why I am in it. This is exactly what I have wanted long back and now I have it. It’s always about what we have wanted in the past, because whatever we have asked for, we have got it in a long run.

This thought calmed me down and I felt peace inside my heart.


The Power of Writing

Writings are very valuable, it would eventually surpass everyone of us.

All of us reading this text would not be here in this world after 100 years or so, but the writings and the foot prints of ourselves which we have created in our lifespan would retain even after our departure.

Currently I am reading a book “Autobiography of A Yogi”  by Yogananda Paramhansa. He is not in this world but the wisdom that he has left in his writings would continue to change people’s life till the end of the time.
In his book he has mentioned that he stopped meeting people when his demise was near and started giving more time to write his book, when people asked why is he not meeting that way he use to.

He replied, “If I would meet people and I would change couple of hundreds of lives but if write about my life, it would change millions of lives.”

That’s so true.

That is the power of writing.

Nobody has seen Shakespeare, Aristotle, Abraham Lincoln and other people like that.
They were not the most beautiful people in the world
They did not posses inhuman strength.
But they left us a legacy, they shared their secret in their writings and we all remember them, and we would continue to remember them till the end of the time.

We are mortals and time bound but our creations can be timeless.

Vedas are the best example, (the Hindu scripture from ancient history), we don’t even know who wrote it, but it is preserved like scared text and millions of people have had their learning from it.

That’s the power of writing.

We have been given numerous tools in these days to write effortlessly, we should harness it.


The Office Boy “Siraj”

Lately I have been working in Jamia Millia Islamia, as a freelance Full Stack Web developer.
I have to tell you, there is a drastic change in working  culture from a multinational companies to educational institution like Jamia and it’s really different environment altogether and I kind of like it.
There is office boy, whom I meet on daily basis and he is the one doing the office chores from file handling to providing us tea and biscuits. I find him very happy and always in  joyful mood, however I never had a chance to talk to him till today.
Today, I got to know about his story, his business adventures, the mishap and his family responsibilities.
I had seen many people say that humans are like iceberg, meaning only one tenth part is visible and is above the surface, rest is hidden below the water.

It can not be more true with this guy.

I loved his attitude towards life and the way he had dealt in the past.

It’s really important to talk to everyone as you might get a story that you would never forget and also we should never prejudge a person because there’s always a story behind a person and it’s worth listening too.


Why You Should Read

Our wisdom lies in our interactions, it lies in getting knowledge from people we meet, books we read and experiences we had in the past.

So our wisdom is bound by knowledge of people around us, and that is why it’s very important to surround ourselves with smart people.

But then it would put you in a difficult position as you might say that, I am not surrounded by smart people and how would I improve my position.

Well, lately I have been interacting with a very small number of people, and to tell you the truth, these are the people I really love and care about, and certainly they are not smartest of all.

So how am I learning ?

I have this huge stack of books on my computer, that I read everyday and things couldn’t have been better. Knowing that I could have all the information I need from the books is a feeling that is irreplaceable and it has given me so much power that I never had in the past.

I find reading books more rewarding than to meet people whom I don’t like.

We should always prefer knowledge over gossip.




Are You Following The News.?

Generally I restrain from sharing bad news,  but couple of days back I posted a story covered by one of the leading publishing house.  To my surprise, I found that some people are conscious about the information that I shared and they shared some of the relevant details about the news. To tell you the truth I was prejudice of that information at that time.
Today, I got to know that the news I shared was complete bullshit, I have seen that happen to many people but it happened to me for the first time.

As I always write about that we are living in an information age, the data that has been published every hour is more that the books that have been written since centuries. However, with this tremendous amount of data comes lots and lots of garbage.
Credibility was never more important than now. For example I have completely lost my faith on the news media that shared the story. I strongly believe that it’s our responsibility to recheck and follow through what we have said in the past.

The good news is that with this amount of information at our finger tips we would easily find the right information given that we use the tools that are available to us.

So now we have a choice, we could either be a part of the garbage with constantly pushing data into the internet without thinking about it or  we can do nothing and crib that every thing is wrong in the system(this is worse) or we can act like a filter to the garbage and contribute our part in this huge system.

Thank you Aditya sir for consciously following the news. We need more people like you.