It Always Amazes Me What Listening Can Do




Since the very beginning, we have been taught how to speak, how to write, how to remember things, how to apply knowledge, so on and so forth. But never in those days, we have been taught how to listen properly. We are groomed only to talk and brag about the things we have learned and we do that very efficiently.

I have read many books and they always remind me to develop my listening skills yet often I found myself talking and explaining too much to the other person. Today, I went on and on to explain a colleague my situation and point of view, as I thought I had given him a fair amount of my ears but boy I was so wrong.

Suddenly my mind reminded me to, “Calm down and just listen..!“, and I did exactly that. After 2 minutes of explaining the guy left with no regrets and I only nodded the whole time with complete silence from my part. He didn’t even wait for my response, he just wanted to be listened.

I took a deep breath and was thinking that I have a lot to learn.


Are You Listening?

All of us have a friend who talks too much, and never listens. We think he is stupid, and very often we figure out that he has no idea what he is blabbing about. While he is busy talking we have no option other than to listen,  so we listen.

Listening gives us an edge, it’s helps our mind to filter the noise.

On the other hand the person who is continuously talking is filled with noise and has no idea that you have no interest in that particular topic.

It’s very important to get the response from the listener while we are talking,  and for that we have to listen too.

God has given us 2 ears and one tongue, he must have wanted us to listen more.