Getting A Job You Love

Couple of days back I was chatting with one of my friends over tea and he said he would rather have 5 days a week job than 6 days a week because it will give him time to do the things he really wanted to do and make some money out of it.

It is really awesome to think like this and he is very productive, and many of us who are really hard working and want to do something great, think exactly like this.

Well, wouldn’t it be awesome if he would search for a job where he really likes the work not just for money but also for the nature of the work, so that the it doesn’t feel like working.

jobGetting a job which fulfill not only financially but also spiritually, where we connect with the vision of the company is much more important. It’s very simple, if we love our work we will not feel like working instead we would like to work even more since we would be enjoying it.
I remember my time during training in TCS, we use to work 7 days a week from 9 AM till 9 PM, and if given a chance I would love to do that again. I was really enjoying that time.
I have a friend of mine who likes to code, he code in office , at his home everywhere. He is passionate about coding.
With that said, What are you passionate about?
If you are not passionate about anything, better find something otherwise you will be leading an unconscious life, doing the things which you don’t even know why you are doing it in the first place, and if you have something you are passionate about do something about it. Look around, all the things which are built around you is a fantastic work of some crazy passionate people, who started just like us.
I believe we all can find a job that we strive for and love.
Thank you,