Try Not To Think For A While

In 24 hours of the day how much time we spend on thinking. My guess is that almost all the time we are thinking about something, now a days we have a culture of constantly checking our phones for the status updates of the people that we do not care at all.

Our mind is busy all the time, and we feel awesome while multitasking, thinking that we are very efficient. I have seen my friends switching on the television just for the background noise. Well, that was not the way we lived in the past, and it is certainly not the right way, It is very important to not to think for a while. Our mind is a thinking machine and wants to be busy all the time, in a way it controls us.

meditationTo set things into perspective, before going to bed try to recall the things that you were thinking all day long, it will turn out that those were irrelevant things and you didn’t have any control over it on how to stop thinking for a while.

Some time back I read “The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment” by Eckhart Tolle and one of the greatest revelations I had from this book is “We are not our mind”. This book talks about being present in the moment, and it is answer to all the anxiety we have for the future and all the regrets we had in the past and meditation can help us be in the present moment. This book also talks about how we can improve our immune system. Thank you so much Rehan Allahwala for suggesting me the book.

Meditation is one of the tools which is at our disposal which can help us not to think for a while and just focusing on our breathing pattern is one of the ways to practice meditation easily. We are surrounded by noise and unwanted messages all the time and it is very important to be with ourselves even if it is only for 5 minutes.

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Power Of Randomness

People whom we call best friends today, were complete strangers at one point of time in our life. We often hesitate to talk to strangers, and I have seen many people who don’t want to talk to people who are strangers, by simply saying that they are introvert and they don’t like to talk to strangers.

If you are among those people, this post is for specially you.

1251118-368-kc9a207Our best friend, was once a complete stranger, people whom we work with and we say that we have a bond together was once a stranger and it was completely random how they gotten into our lives. In our school all the children were picked randomly and were placed in one class and from there we got our first best friend, was it random ?

Well it looked like random, but was a part of a bigger plan.

I am one of those people who believe that there is no such thing as “random”, I believe that everything happens for a reason, I believe so because of my Islamic background.

Of course we choose with whom we have to spend time with, but we choose our favorite from a complete random domain, over which we don’t have any control. What I am trying to convey here is meet everybody and do not hesitate in building relationship with new people, and be open to them. We never know who would become our next best friend.

One of the great connector with whom I am learning so much on daily basis is Rehan Allahwala. He connects people over Facebook and he has been doing so for past couple of years. I really appreciate his effort on bringing people from all walks of life together. Thank you Rehan Allahwala for your continuous efforts and helping many people build new connections.

Thank you,