Just a Few Minutes

Just a few minutes. It has potential to beat procrastination.!

Let me try it for the next 15 minutes, if I can’t continue I’ll do something else. This has helped me enough number of times.

Procrastination is a disease, people who have it often live their lives in denial. It’s not that I am not among one of those people, it’s just that I make effort to beat it from time to time. I too have failed numerous times and have preferred the movie instead of solving the next question, I too have preferred the bed instead of a morning run.

It’s just that I feel so bad about it that I try not to do it from next time. Creating habit of beating procrastination is just as important because once we have created that habit, everything becomes easy.

Motivation also helps in beating procrastination. Even listening and reading inspiring stories of random people from Quora, Reddit or YouTube helps. Here’s  is one of them which have always motivated me.


Running Changed My Life

My last few weeks were not so good, I had the viral fever which altered my routine big time.

I ran today for about 2.5km, after a couple of weeks. I am feeling complete and rejuvenated. Running indeed is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It is one of my first productive habits that I adopted and slowly it changed my whole lifestyle altogether.

So many people in the past had encouraged me to run, but somehow none of the advice got into my head.

I still remember the conversation.

running“It’s too tough”, I said.

“It’s easy, just try it”, said Prabhu, one of my colleague at work .

Something happened at that very moment and I said to myself, “let’s try it, I have nothing to loose” and I have never stopped running since that day.

It has helped me adopt new productive habits in my life. After running and hitting the cold shower a person can remain happy for about 2-3 hours for no apparent reason, trust me I know.

I suggest you run and to quote Prabhu, “It’s easy, just try it”. It will change your life for the better,  for sure.