Book Review: Permission Marketing


Finally, I completed the book, “Permission Marketing” by Seth Godin (It feels so good to write those words). This book is all about marketing strategies that companies have adopted over the time. Seth Godin has peeled their strategies one by one like an onion and has explained it’s different viewpoints.

We are constantly being interrupted by the marketing people i.e. the movies that we watch, the websites we visit, and the most irritating of all the YouTube ads. First, the author explained about how this existing process is being refined so that people get ads based on their buying and browsing behaviour.

He then explained a new marketing strategy called “the permission marketing” where the customer gives his consent to be marketed, that’s new and much more effective kind of marketing. He shared how this is already being practiced for decades. He also shared the blunders giant companies have made by exploiting the permission they got from their customers and the price they have paid in return.

In short, if you don’t have a marketing degree and you are wondering if you should pursue this field or not, then this book could be a very good start.


On Reading Multiple Books at Once

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While reading books I had one core discipline in mind which was, I would read only one book at a time, and I would pick up a new book only after completing the one which I started in the first place. This strategy, however, was keeping me away from reading new and exciting books which I wanted to read during that time and there was too much pressure on selecting the next book. On the brighter side, it also drove me to complete the one which I was reading in order to read the one which I really wanted to read.

In between reading books and doing my day job I also read a lot of blog by various bloggers around the world starting from Seth Godin to Darius Foroux. One thing I found common in all of them are that they read many books at the same time, meaning they don’t wait for one book to complete in order to read next, they read one book in the morning and a different one in the evening. In the beginning, I thought of this strategy as a distraction.

Now I am practicing this strategy and it is kind of fun. It’s true that books do get boring at times and at that time picking up a new book is relly very exciting. Surprisingly enough the book which I got boring the previous day becomes relevant and interesting the very next day.

At present, I am reading “How Mind Works” by Steven Pinker, “The $100 Startup” by Chris Guillebeau, and “Permission Marketing” by Seth Godin.

Finally, I completed the book “The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership” by Richard Branson


Finally, I completed the book “The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership” by Richard Branson, the English business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. It took me more than a month to complete this book, mainly because of Ramzan and my father’s visit to New Delhi.

Ramzan has altered my routine big time, not only the daily running is out of the way but after Aftaar (the time when Muslims break their fast) it’s almost impossible to do anything. The time which was dedicated to book reading is now converted into lying around time and when my father was with me it was intense discussion time. My father is a very religious person and during his visit we discussed life, after-life, and Islam. In the beginning, he didn’t support my decision of writing daily but this time, he seemed pleased with it.

I am very happy that I finally completed this book today and now I’ll start reading the book “Permission Marketing” by Seth Godin. My Evernote is filled with the notes that I have taken while reading “The Virgin Way” and I would be sharing the book review and learning very soon.

Seth Godin’s Secret of Writing 6000+ Posts

While talking to one of my friends about blogging she shared that it took her 2 days to write one post. It reminded me of my early days though I am not saying that I don’t struggle anymore but in the beginning, it was really difficult.

Seth Godin has written more than 6000 posts and did it by writing one post every day. He was consistent in his actions and he now is one of the most successful marketers in the world. His rise to the top wasn’t an accident rather it was strategic and more importantly doable.



He says it only takes 90 seconds to write one post, of course, he is not talking about me or my friend but he is sharing his knowledge and experience of what a good habit can do. Habits develop the muscle memory(more on that later) which in turn make us more efficient.

I wish her all the best.


Why Being A Teenager Sucks




I remember my teens to be very violent and super aggressive which made me believe that I was different from others.

A couple of days ago while visiting my cousin’s place I got to know that my nephew is behaving exactly like me. Restlessness, violence, and other teenage traits were unquestionably visible in him too. It made me curious and I went on to find more things about teens, and surprisingly I found a lot of information on the internet.

The prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain we use frequently in our most decision-making processes every day. Amygdala, on the other hand, is our prehistoric brain also called lizard brain (Seth Godin talks about this one a lot in his books and keynote speeches).

Surprisingly, the prefrontal cortex is fully developed only after the 20s and more importantly it is in the development phase in the teenage. Therefore, teens have trouble using prefrontal cortex properly and they use Amygdala instead, for most of their decision-making processes.

Amygdala is the part of the brain which is responsible for things like survival, fight or flight instinct and reproduction. Rational decision-making is something which Amygdala is incapable of doing and that pretty much explain all the behavioral traits of teens. In addition to that, a lot of hormonal changes also goes on in the teenage which makes their case even worse.

Be Happy Despite The Circumstances

At noon, I went for chai in the nearby locality, I know it was too late but today was Sunday. I rested myself on the bench and was relishing the warmth of the sun.

Not far from me, a guy sat down on the stairs having Maaza and Haldiram bhujia in his hands. He was having a brief break after working on the nearby construction site.

He was totally unaware of the surrounding and was enjoying the moment. He was having a treat of his lifetime. He was happy, relaxed, and contented, and by the look on his face it was like all of his wishes had been fulfilled.

The most beautiful thing about our mind is its ability to keep us happy despite the circumstances. The moment we stop worrying too much about the future, we become happy and start enjoying the moment. We are blessed to be born in this era.

As Seth Godin says,

“Every person reading this today has access to more wealth than the last King of France did.”

Being Different

beingdifferentUniqueness is contagious. Nature has provided uniqueness in our every cell of our body and we want to be unique in our lifestyle too.

We like the places which are one of a kind. When Macdonalds were new in India, everyone wanted to be there. Today, nobody talks about them. They are not unique anymore.

A job at Google sounds awesome because it’s rare.

We love being different from the crowd, it somehow makes us feel good about ourselves.

That is the reason why people working in shifts in big corporations are not happy with their job because most of the people have monotonous jobs and these jobs require the least amount of cognitive skills. It makes the people cog in the machine, which is not exciting at all and we tend to hate out jobs gradually.

Our job fills most part of our life, and if we are not happy with our jobs we can not be happy with our life.

We should find a job which we love to do.

Training The Mind

Doing something we really love to do makes our life worth it. Creating content every day gives me an immense joy and it makes my day great. It keeps the creative juice flowing in my brain. I notice things I would not have noticed otherwise.

I am training my brain for being creative and many time I have noticed that my brain comes up with an idea which truly excites me without myself thinking too much about the idea. The idea just pops up in my head. I guess that’s how trained mind respond.

Recently I read an article where Seth Godin explain how he write multiple articles in a day and publish only one among them depending upon whichever he likes the most. He has trained his mind and it continues to create original thoughts all day long. It’s an awesome way to be productive.


It’s Time To Pick Ourselves

In the industrial revolution era there was a need of being picked by the large corporations because we could not do much all by ourselves. We did not have the tools that we needed to build great products, we did not have access to information which could lead us to the right path, we did not have opportunities, that resulted in many people having a job in big corporation because they could not do anything else and it was necessary for survival.
pick-meBesides that, jobs in those days were given for life. It was like do these set of things for the rest of your life and we would provide you all the basic things required for your life, and you don’t have to worry about anything else. People loved it and gladly accepted this proposal because of two reasons. First it was difficult to do something different and was very risky also and the second they got the job security for life.
Now the time has changed, we are not in industrial revolution era anymore. Jobs are not secure. But on the bright side we have landed on the era of opportunity, where we could find anything and everything that we would need to build great things. There is no need to be picked by anyone,  it’s time to pick ourselves. The most powerful person on the earth is using the same tools that you have right now which the laptop because you can build anything with this powerful device and with the huge amount of information which is available on the Internet for free it is just a matter of decision to do something different because all we need is right here in front of us.
Thank you,

Why I Write Daily

Writing my blog and sharing my thoughts are one of the best things that have ever happened to me. Thank you so much Seth Godin for mentioning how important it is to have a blog in many of your books. I am truly happy that I have adopted this one religiously.



I have been asked many times why I write everyday and also have been suggested to write long articles. Well, as Seth Godin says, it’s not only about the quality and the quantity of the article, rather it has to do with the discipline that one has to put in on daily basis.

Quality and quantity would automatically come if one would do it every single day, and that’s my motive behind writing the blog everyday.
Things that I share are not only for you but these are the things which I have learned from somewhere and would like to remember it for a long time and sharing makes it very easy, it enforces my brain to believe into the stuff that I write.

Apart of that it has made me much more disciplined and my thoughts are much more organized than ever. It has changed my life for the better and I am very grateful to Allah that I have been lead to this path.

Thank you,