Being Critical of Ourselves

If you are able to get to this post and you are reading it on your mobile phone then you have more information available than the last king of France. This was the statement said by Seth Godin in one of his Facebook posts.

If you have not realized this fact yet then you need to do some homework on how to find things on the Internet. So now we have established that there is so much knowledge available at our fingertips, and with knowledge comes power. So we are equally powerful then.

critical-spiritIn spite of that we are so critical of ourselves, meaning we almost never forgive ourselves for our mistakes and also for other people’s mistakes. I have received many feedback that my grammar and sentences are not up to the expectations. I understand. Well, I don’t mind getting negative feedback and I take it in a very positive way and I enjoy getting feedback irrespective of its nature.

What I would like to talk about is that we regularly give feedback to ourselves also and many times we curse ourselves for the things that we have done in the past or things that didn’t work out the way it was meant to be and we demean ourselves for not living up to the expectations, which were set by ourselves.

Please forgive yourself for the things that didn’t work out the way you wanted it to be. Forgive yourself for not waking up early in the morning and snoozing the alarm several times, and also forgive me , if I had done anything in the past to offend you, and sometimes not fulfilling the level of your expectation.

I would like to remind you that you can still do so much with the information you have at your fingertips,  so instead of being critical and whining about it we should try to find something which could help us in become better.

Thank you,


Why Loyalty is Important

We live in the world where everybody is gunning for cheap and best and loyalty is rarely seen.

We are accustomed to compare the price and choose whoever is having the cheapest deal. Same goes for people doing freelancing, as in that field also the customers always want cheap and best. This is a never ending race and only customers benefit from it. Well, I am not judging if it is right or wrong.

liarsHowever there are another set of people and organizations who don’t talk about being cheap, rather their focus is to create something which have an impact, that something is a relationship, an amazing product or service and they are doing really great. American entrepreneur and investor Seth Godin talks about this phenomenon in his book “All Marketers Are Liars: The Underground Classic That Explains How Marketing Really Works–and Why Authenticity Is the Best Marketing of All“.

We have a choice either we could be among people who fight to be cheap and best or we could create a culture which cares for relationship and customer satisfaction because that’s  where loyalty comes from and because it has a long lasting impact.

Thank you,

 Poke The Box


When we were child we use to play to with everything that comes in our contact. It was awesome, we did not care for the consequences and we just wanted to play and have fun. Whenever I get a chance to see a child play I never miss it. They are so curious about everything.

They have courage to poke everything,

Seth Godin in his book “Poke The Box”  talks about this phenomenon and how we have forgotten this virtue and have adopted a culture of compliance. We are so afraid of poking the box that we never do anything new. Poking the box doesn’t mean that outcome would be desirable and pleasing,  it means new and we should be able to adapt and accommodate the new.

poke the boxRemember dinosaurs, they are not here because they could not adapt. Well I am not saying that we would be extinct literally. If only we would dare to poke the box our life would be different. I am not saying it would be good or bad different rather you would gain an experience, a story to tell, I believe this is what is life for. To tell our endeavors to our next generation.

To conclude poking the box doesn’t mean that you have to go out of your ways to do something new, it means wherever you are, do not fear to experiment , and try to change things around you for the good.

Thank you,


We All Need A Mentor

We all have been raised from childhood to achieve specific goal in our life, the goal may be getting promoted to a higher class or to win a cricket match.

In all those times we all have been looking up for guidance to the people above us and at that time they were our father, mother ,cricket coach or our big brother and we all grew up wanting to be like them.

mentorsNow that we are matured and many of us don’t have a concrete goal in front of us to achieve and our life is stable, we think this is it and we don’t feel like going an extra mile.

Well, we have always been like that, it was the mentors who were behind us who knew our true potential and pushed us further and we owe it to them big time for making us realize our potential.

I think that many of us don’t feel like having a mentor now, instead we take suggestions from the friends who are at our level only hence do not grow in our life the way we have grown in the past.


If you do not have a mentor , I would suggest to find one and follow him. For me books are one of the greatest mentor and helps me broaden my horizon.

Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, Dale Carnegie, James Altucher and many others are my mentors who inspires me to think different and be unique and take risks and I am grateful to them. I am still searching for a mentor who can guide me personally who can help me reach my potential, I know I’ll find him one day because I am searching for him.

Hope you find some value from it.

Thank you,



The Connection Economy

Hi Everybody,

The current economy in which we are living in is The Connection Economy, one of the term frequently used by American Entrepreneur Seth Godin. To understand this we have to first acknowledge that the age of industrial economy is over; which was started by Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford and many other industrialist who ruled in 20th century. It was revolutionary and it changed the world. Jobs didn’t existed on large scale before the industrial revolution and a culture was born in which you have to perform a task and do what you are told and get paid for the rest of your life.

That period is over now, this economy does not need so many people doing manual work and the industries are automating the process where ever it is possible. They need less manual work and are more machine reliant.

sethgodin-abundanceWe live in the connection economy where everybody is connected to everybody else and that’s just great. If you are a service provider you just have to connect to the person to whom you are providing the service, with the advent of Technology your circle got just bigger than ever.

Let’s say you are a teacher and you want to teach, with the right usage technology you can even reach to the student living in Ukraine while sitting at your sofa in New Delhi solving math equations.

With less and less job security and more and more automation we have to have a job where no machine can replace us and to support this we have an awesome economy backed by Information Technology.

Hope you find some value from it.

Thank you,