The $100 Startup: Book Review

the 100 startups

You know that you have developed a new habit when it is the only thing you can think about after having dinner. Yes, I am talking about my blogging. Research says that it takes 21 days to create a new habit, thankfully it has been more than 9 months and I am still doing it every day. Indeed it is one of the best habits I have ever created.

Thank you, everyone, for helping me in this journey.

I finally completed the book “The $100 Startup” by Chris Guillebeau, I had heard so much about this book and finally, I finished it. This book basically contains several stories of solopreneurs, (solo entrepreneurs) and accidental entrepreneurs. Their fascinating stories would compel you to think that if that could have happened to them it could also happen to you too. The simplicity in the stories is one of the most loving characteristics of the book. This book shares the step by step guidelines of how to build a business from scratch and also shares the steps taken by the people who have done it successfully.

The people featured in this book, all of them have started their business with less than $1000, and their current income is more than $50,000. This is the basic criteria Chris has chosen to include the people in his book. Sounds too good to be true, well you have to read in order to find the truth. Thank you Tauseef for mentioning this book, it was a good read.

PS: I will complete “Permission marketing” by Seth Godin in next week.


5 Cent Architecture Advice

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John, a Seattle-based architect who was unemployed at that time started a small shop and with the name, “5 Cent Architecture Advice”. It may sound too obvious that it was for lead generation and was to entice new clients but he was genuinely helping many people, from homeowners to real estate agents. The word spread and he was featured in many local newspapers, even in CNN and BBC. He is running his firm successfully and has plenty of clients.

This story must be sounding too simple but it’s true, along with many other stories that have been told in the book, “The $100 Startup” by Chris Guillebeau.

The key feature of all these stories is that most of the entrepreneurs mentioned in the book are accidental. Some of them are hobbyists, some of them do it just because it’s fun and so on. It has been a very interesting book so far.

Struggling Entrepreneurs


I am currently reading “The $100 startups” by Chris Guillebeau. In this book, he is sharing the success stories of various entrepreneurs around the world, telling the stories of how they started and how they created 6 figures income with significantly low startup costs and with no special talent. The stories are really awesome and he has written the book in a very interesting way, and I love his way of writing.

I also like to meet new people and have an ear to listen to their stories. In my recent visit to my hometown, I met many people, who were entrepreneurs. My state has a lot of self-employed people and entrepreneurs because the state provides very few jobs to people and due to this, people often leave Bihar in search of a better job opportunity or wind up having their own business.

They are all really hard working people, but they don’t use any technology to enhance their productivity and profit(not because they don’t want to but because they don’t know the benefits they can have) yet they have full knowledge of their trade. The sad part, however, is that they are still struggling to make ends meet, (forget about living lavishly).

Let me share a brief story.

I stumbled upon knowing the story of a chef who was invited to cook for an occasion in my neighborhood. He was a government chef for about 35 years in my hometown. After the retirement, he started again as a freelance chef and it has been 8 years since then. He is a very famous person in the town and is best known for his work. I strongly believe that he is being underpaid in all these years. If he wanted to triple the money for his service, his clients still would have loved to have him and there are dozens of such stories like this.

In the book, Chris shared the stories of entrepreneurs who have a different background, a growth mindset and have harnessed the technological advantage at their hand. The people I met during my vacation were opposite of that, they didn’t use the technology and had a fixed mindset.

Give a Man a Fish

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Give a man a fish and you would feed him for the day, teach a man to fish and you have ruined a great business opportunity.
“The $100 Startup”

We are now in an era where buying is not enough, people prefer to shopping and there is a world of difference between buying and shopping. To buy means to obtain goods in exchange for payment. Shopping involves having an experience while buying. The act of going places, having fun, and in the meantime, if you really like what you see, you purchase it, that is the philosophy of the Shopping Malls.

In Shopping malls everything is laid out in front of you as if you are the king of seven kingdoms. You choose, you try it on yourself and if you really like it, you purchase, everything is designed to be hassle free.

We often hear people say that “The Shopping Malls” are high priced. Well, that’s true but not because they sell superior quality products but because they provide us with an experience, an experience of feeling special. We feel good while shopping from the malls and the extra money we pay is for feeling good because this feeling comes with a price and we are willing to pay for it.