Are You Feeling Down?

We cannot be 100% motivated all the time and sometimes we feel down and we also think that it’s a bad thing to feel demotivated or down. Well, as a normal human being we can not be motivated all the time and of course there would be times where we are down. we should not think of it as a bad thing rather we should monitor our thoughts as to why we feel down in the first place.

feeling downIn the book “The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment” the author Eckhart Tolle talks about the mind and how it is a different entity altogether. One of his famous quotes is “we are not our mind”. He suggests that we should monitor our thought patterns and acknowledge the variations in our thoughts, in simple terms be a watcher of our mind, because then we would realize why we feel down in the first place and only after that we could work on it.

So it’s OK if you are feeling bad or down, first acknowledge it and then watch it to find the patterns like this to work on it so that you could eliminate it for the good.

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Feeling Helpless..!?

There are many times in our lives when we feel helpless and the world seems to just crumble upon us. These are the times when our energy level is very low and we feel that we can not get back up again. Personally I hated those times in my life, but now that I look back on those times I feel that I have evolved for the better.

Consider this analogy, since the day we came in this world, we were helpless for a very long time and everybody around us took care of us. We were babies and everybody adored us. We were loved unconditionally and after a very long time we gained consciousness.

helplessWith that said,  I want to remind you that you grew up you gradually,  became conscious and took control of your life, you evolved after each phase of helplessness and became a better version of yourself each time.

If you feel helpless right now consider it as your development phase and believe that somebody is taking care you even if you are unaware of it. Remember, when you were a baby you had no idea of who took care of you at that time,  similarly surrender yourself to the almighty and let him take care of you, and believe that you’ll be coming out as a better version of yourself.

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You Complete Me Notion In A Relationship

In India, we have a notion of “You Complete me”, in almost all of the Bollywood movies, it is evident and since the day we gain consciousness, we start searching for our soul mate who can complete us.

Well, this notion is a trap which would eventually lead us to become unhappy, I know, I am going out of the line here and a very few of you would understand what I am saying, please bear with me and read along.

youCompleteMeThis notion gives us a feeling that we are incomplete by default, which is so not true and it creates a room for unhappiness in our mind, The very fact of incompleteness is sad and we should stay away from this feeling. Feeling incomplete would make us feel broken and then we would desperately need someone to complete us, and such story is not conducive for being happy.

Consider this analogy, Water is much more important than gold or diamond and yet water is almost inexpensive as compared to gold and diamond because it is easily available, when you are needy, you are easily available and others won’t pay attention to you.

When you are needy you are basically willing to do anything and everything  for someone else and they start taking you for granted. Being needy makes you less respected by others and you lose respect for yourself.

We don’t need anybody else to complete us, God have not created us incomplete, it’s just a Bollywood Masala which has made us believe that we are incomplete, and we should try not to fall into that trap.

Thank you Mridul to suggesting me to write on relationships.

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Try Not To Think For A While

In 24 hours of the day how much time we spend on thinking. My guess is that almost all the time we are thinking about something, now a days we have a culture of constantly checking our phones for the status updates of the people that we do not care at all.

Our mind is busy all the time, and we feel awesome while multitasking, thinking that we are very efficient. I have seen my friends switching on the television just for the background noise. Well, that was not the way we lived in the past, and it is certainly not the right way, It is very important to not to think for a while. Our mind is a thinking machine and wants to be busy all the time, in a way it controls us.

meditationTo set things into perspective, before going to bed try to recall the things that you were thinking all day long, it will turn out that those were irrelevant things and you didn’t have any control over it on how to stop thinking for a while.

Some time back I read “The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment” by Eckhart Tolle and one of the greatest revelations I had from this book is “We are not our mind”. This book talks about being present in the moment, and it is answer to all the anxiety we have for the future and all the regrets we had in the past and meditation can help us be in the present moment. This book also talks about how we can improve our immune system. Thank you so much Rehan Allahwala for suggesting me the book.

Meditation is one of the tools which is at our disposal which can help us not to think for a while and just focusing on our breathing pattern is one of the ways to practice meditation easily. We are surrounded by noise and unwanted messages all the time and it is very important to be with ourselves even if it is only for 5 minutes.

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