Wall Street (1987)

Last night I watched the movie “Wall Street (1987)”, one of the best movies of all time on the crazy lifestyle of wall street maniacs. “Money never sleeps”, “there is no nobility in poverty”, “greed is good”, “it’s all about bucks”, “what’s worth doing is worth doing for money” and several other one-liners that have been used numerous times in various other movies are perhaps taken from here only.

wall street
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It’s a dirty game, everyone knows it but no one can do anything about it, that’s the way it has been since the very beginning. One thing which struck me most though was when the protagonist father told him to stay away from the wall street he remarked by saying, “Create, instead of living off the buying and selling of others”. A very powerful message has been embodied here in this line which I will never forget.

The wall street never creates anything of its own, and in reality, it’s all paper money and it has no real value. Creating something out of scratch is huge, it requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice and it’s sustainable in the long run.


The Scary Truth About Wall Street

Once upon a time, I wished to be wall street broker, not for long but for a very brief period of time, I had no idea how hedge funds and all other stock related stuff worked (I still have very little idea about it), so I started googling about it. Soon to realize that it is not my cup of tea, nevertheless I still wish the lavish lifestyle it gives to people who are in this business, as seen on Hollywood movies until now.

turney duff

Turney Duff, a former hedge fund broker on Wall Street and New York Times bestselling author of, The Buy Side: A Wall Street Trader’s Tale of Spectacular Excesswas today’s guest at James Altucher podcast. He is also a consultant on upcoming Showtime show, “Billions”, and is featured on the CNBC show, “The Filthy Rich Guide”.

On the show he shared his journey on Wall Street which was very eye opening to me since it was kind of revelation that what exactly happen over there. Of course we see that in the movies but it’s hard to believe from the movies since they are made not tell the truth but to make money instead.

The truth however was really scary, he shared all the illegal practices that happen in there, it was all Greek to me but I understood the core of it.

One thing that he shared which I really appreciate was that, he always wanted other people to like him, and shared how difficult that goal was, and finally he decided that he would never try to be liked by other people again.

He shared his challenges with cocaine and it was really horrifying to know all that. His final words for wall street was, “it is not worth doing”.

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