Being Grateful

Meeting different people creates awareness. Yesterday, while thinking about my future goals and sipping chai alongside the cafeteria, I noticed a person sitting next to me.
It was Faheem Bhai, a middle-aged guy, who worked in the same office as a clerk for 8 years and due to paralysis, he has been out of his job for the past 2 years. We chatted for a while. I asked him about his conditions and whether there has been an improvement in his health.
When I started walking down the road on my way back to office, I started laughing at my own problems and a question popped up in my mind.
Why do we think so much about our future?
I didn’t get the answer. It was a tough question I guess.
We speak so much about our helplessness with our friends and family, how we can’t do this and not able to do that. We discuss so much about our incapabilities all the time.
This guy, how helpless he must have been feeling all the time. He was a hard working employee and now not able to work anymore. How helpless he must have been feeling everyday. It is too hard for me to imagine his helplessness. I don’t know what plans God has in store for him, but for the last 2 years of his life, he must have been feeling miserable.
To be grateful is a choice, which we often forget to take. Thank you, God, for all the prosperity and health that you have given. Thank you so much.

John Green’s Commencement Speech 2013

Before going to the office today, I watched John Green’s commencement speech, 2013 at Butler University. John Green started his journey as a YouTuber in 2007. He is the author of best-selling novels, Paper Towns and The Fault in our Stars(also featured in Hollywood movies). He was also included in Time magazine’s list of “The 100 Most Influential People in the World” in 2014.
I am his big fan.
We look at life as a journey from weakness to strength, meaning the hero starts with nothing and ends up with everything.
All our heroes have this characteristic in common, from Harry Potter to Steve Jobs. They all have started as a nobody and ended up as a somebody.
In his speech, he shared a different side of the story. He said, that the true hero’s journey is from strength to weakness.
CaptureIn college life, we used to be somebody, people knew our names, we were famous. The moment we entered into the adulthood, some call it the real life, we became nobody. In real life nobody knows our name, we are not famous.
The journey from being a somebody from college to a nobody in real life, that’s the true hero’s journey.
“For learning how to be a nobody, you will learn how not to be a jerk, and for the rest of your life if you are able to remember your hero’s journey from college grad to underling, you will be less of a jerk, you will tip well, you will empathize, you will be a mentor and a generous one”, he shared.
He reminded the graduates, of all the support they have got from their parents, mentors, and professors and how their sacrifices made it all possible for them to graduate.
I listened to his speech for a couple of times and every time I remember those people who helped me in my journey, the heart is filled with gratitude. How often we have forgotten the true heroes of life, people who actually helped us reach where ever we are in our life. They made sacrifices so often and still we don’t remember them.
He gave an amazing speech, I felt nostalgic, motivated and at peace, all at the same time while listening to it. It looks like I am exaggerating the speech but believe me, I am not.
I encourage you to watch his commencement speech and share your learning too.

Having a Problem.?

The funny thing about the problems of  today is that they will seem futile if we look at it from the future.
Think about it, the biggest problem we had in our college life seems so naive and trivial if we try to look from today’s perspective.
I remember one time in school life, I gave my notebook to one of my friends just before the examinations and he was supposed to return it on that very evening. I started calling and he switched off his cell phone. I was infuriated. I was in so much pain for about 4-5 hours.
It was horrible.
Finally, I recovered my notebook later that night by reaching out to his home.
I could have gone through that experience without undergoing any pain, but I didn’t.
Problems have many characteristics among them are, they look futile from future self-perspective and they have the capability of causing pain.
& we have a choice of solving our problems without experiencing pain since they are going to be pointless anyhow.

The Minz Stadium

Today I went for sightseeing in Gopalganj, to see what has changed in my hometown.

We use to visit Minz stadium while we were kids to watch the Jhaanki during 15th August and 26th January(Independence and Republic day in India respectively).

Jhaanki also called Tableau, is a group of models or motionless figures representing a scene from a story or from history.

The day used to be historical and the most memorable of all days.

I remember Minz stadium to be humongous, but today it was not.

It got me to thinking how our perspective changes with time, indeed it depends on the experiences we have in our life.

The huge stadium turned into a small one just because I had seen numerous other stadiums around the world.

This is true for our achievements and hurdles as well.

If we are growing the problems and achievements seems smaller every time and it is a good thing, it means we are growing.


The Trendsetters

We come elite Muslim background and in our family, the tradition is that no female member of the family should work. I know it sounds very old-fashioned because it is old-fashioned.

I have not seen anybody work till now in our entire family.

While the world is growing rapidly, working class female is still frowned upon in our society.

I am very happy to see the first exception.

My cousin, Dr. S. Shabnam, who is based out of Kushinagar has started practicing as a homeopathic doctor. She has broken many boundaries in order to do that and has started a trend which would be followed by many others in our family members very soon.

It’s very easy to follow a trend but in order to set a trend we need much more strength and grit.

She did not discuss the difficulties she had while setting up her clinic but it was obvious since I know the background and history of our family.

We often forget about the backbone and the hidden strength of an endeavor. In her case, it is Ahmed Bhai, her husband. I could see him not brag about the support he has given, nevertheless the happiness was visible in his eyes.

We need more people who can set trends. We have plenty of followers in the world but a few trendsetters. We should encourage the trendsetters and help them set new boundaries every time.


An Unsung Hero


Today I visited the physio-gym with my mother. It is one of a kind place in Gopalganj(Bihar),  where various tools for exercise is made available to the patients.

I have seen countless gyms and physio centers all across Delhi, and this is definitely not the best one I have ever seen. However, in Gopalganj there’s is only one place where people can be treated in such a way.

In Delhi, there has been a culture of entrepreneurship and almost everyone wants to be one. This has created a stiff competition in the metropolitan areas. But in every entrepreneurial endeavor,  everybody wants to serve the same class of people.

From centuries, it has been said that the true India can be seen in the villages. Well, it can also be seen in my little town and there are thousands of opportunities in these areas. It was really great to see all the people getting help from this place.

I have heard of many unsung heroes in the past, today I met one. Dr. S. H. Khan could easily get a safe job in metropolitan of his choice and he could also have easily opened his center in any metropolitan, but he didn’t.

I got an opportunity to talk to him and I loved the man. He definitely is not doing this only for money, a true hero indeed.He is serving countless people and is happy with his job.

The most important thing that I would like to emphasize here is that the people who are treated here would not have been treated at all if it weren’t for his physio gym.

He would not have all the glories of the world but he is leading a happy and fulfilling life. I am truly grateful that my mother is treated here. Thank you so much, Dr. S. H. Khan, for helping so many people.


Mind Wandering

We think mind wandering is our natural state since there’s a constant flow of thoughts happening inside our mind all the time. Sometimes have happy thoughts, other times we worry and so on.
After I started reading the book, “Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence” by Daniel Goleman, I have come to know that it’s normal and everyone experiences it.
Daniel has very easily described the 4 states of mind we go through during meditation which is worth sharing here.

  1. We are in meditation but the mind is still wandering.
  2. We realize in our conscious mind that, the mind is wandering and we take the third step.
  3. Refocusing the attention towards breathing.
  4. The Mind goes back to wandering state.

and the cycle goes on and on.

What I found most helpful was that when I use to meditate and my mind started to wander I got frustrated. Now that I am acknowledging mind wandering, I am able to refocus my attention to breath without frustration.


Why We Do What We Do

In the late afternoon, I was watching the most popular TED talk on YouTube (given about 9 years ago) by Tony Robbins. The stage looked trivial and the duration of the video was about 25 minutes, which was more than the usual.

Every bit of the information given by Tony was really awesome. He talked about many things but one thing struck me the most.

It is very important to realise that in order to go somewhere we have to follow a map and we do follow a map in our life, either consciously or subconsciously.

But he asked, “what if we are looking at the wrong map?”

This question was bothering me for quite some time in the past because sometimes we wonder if we are asking the right question to ourselves since that is very crucial too.

Well, I did not get the answer to my question in this video, but it has helped me realize that I am asking the right question. I believe I would find a way to go to the destination yet unknown to me.

I would suggest this video to you.


PS : I am about to complete the book “Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence” by “Daniel Goleman” and I would be sharing my review and learnings very soon.

Training The Mind

Doing something we really love to do makes our life worth it. Creating content every day gives me an immense joy and it makes my day great. It keeps the creative juice flowing in my brain. I notice things I would not have noticed otherwise.

I am training my brain for being creative and many time I have noticed that my brain comes up with an idea which truly excites me without myself thinking too much about the idea. The idea just pops up in my head. I guess that’s how trained mind respond.

Recently I read an article where Seth Godin explain how he write multiple articles in a day and publish only one among them depending upon whichever he likes the most. He has trained his mind and it continues to create original thoughts all day long. It’s an awesome way to be productive.


Being Busy

We like to be busy all the time.

We want to be busy.

It makes us complete somehow.

Think about it, whenever we are free or we do not have anything to do, we pull out our cell phone and start swiping our Facebook for newsfeeds, for no apparent reason whatsoever. The funny thing is that we do not even pay attention to what we are looking at, we just like to swipe, it’s an addiction that we are somehow unaware of.

We like to check our phones constantly for whatsapp messages or facebook likes for our recent status update.

In earlier days if anyone start using the phone while talking to someone face to face, it was considered a rude behaviour and it use to send the signal that we don’t like the conversation. However nowadays this habit is considered normal and natural.

This is not the way we are suppose to evolve.

The habit of being busy all the time has been keeping us away from ourselves, our own selves, and we don’t have any time to introspect rather we spend that time on watching TV series that we love.

Our time is the biggest asset we have and we should try to use it more efficiently with doing the things we actually love to do. The least thing we can do is, take a teeny tiny step towards the thing that we always wanted to do everyday.