Unconsciousness An Example

Friday is a sacred day for Muslims, on this day we perform weekly prayer called Jumma Namaz and it’s the most important prayer for the week. We all gather in a mosque around 1.00 pm and perform Namaz together.

On many occasions I am unable to get the privilege of getting a space inside the mosque, so I settled on the road beside the mosque along with many other people.

Just before starting Namaz a guy came rushing to get a space so that he could perform Namaz.

I had left my sandals near to me and in order to get space beside me and he threw my sandals away along with many other people’s ruthlessly. He was so unconscious that he had no idea what he was doing.

I watched him throw everyone’s sandals and was thinking, this is how we behave when we are unconscious.

One of the goal to perform daily prayers in Islam is to gain consciousness, and it’s very strange that we are performing our daily prayers unconsciously.