Why I Write (And You Should Too)

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Writing things down have made a profound impact on me. It’s incredible how useful they can be at the time when we are confused and don’t know what we should do next. I always undermine it yet every time when I use this tool it I feel like I should have used it more often.

If a story is in you, it has got to come out
William Faulkner

Even writing down the smallest possible steps you can take, has the power to move you from stagnancy to mobility. I love to write, not only for my blog but also for the things I have to do during the day time. I write when I feel down, I write when I feel motivated, I write when I feel guilty of not doing the things I should have done, I write when I plan things, basically I write whenever I get time to write. Writing lessen the burden if I have any, and if I feel motivated, writing makes me feel even more motivated.

If you think you are not good enough to write, you are wrong. You may not have enough expertise to write in public that I can understand but of course you can write for yourself. Doing that more often will gradually make you a good writer and it will improve your writing skills in the long run. For those who always have an excuse for not writing, and those who plan to write and those who love to procrastinate, there is only one message… You just have to start.!!


The Day I Missed Publishing my Article

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I have a WhatsApp group where I send my daily articles. It contains a group of very special friends who have shown interest in my articles and they are also the ones who read my articles regularly. I abstain myself from looking at the website stats, it’s very tempting but I control myself. So have no way of knowing exactly how many people are reading my blogs every day.

The day I missed publishing the article, I got many WhatsApp messages asking why I haven’t sent it yet. I was ashamed and happy at the same time. Ashamed because I had broken the routine and happy because it was the first time I witnessed that, that many people were eagerly waiting for my article.

I was an amazing feeling.

Thank you so much for following my blog, it means a lot to me, you guys have helped me grow my blog and myself. Thank you so much for sending me suggestions and sometimes pointing my mistakes.

Keeping A Journal

keeping journal
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I love EverNote, the note taking app which is extremely handy and useful for almost every occasion. Sometimes I feel that it stores the information the way we store it in our mind.

I have been using this app for quite some time but in past couple of months (since I started blogging) I am using it extensively. It has every raw idea in it, every article in its amateur state. I have written my victories, my pains and everything else which falls in between.

Today I unintentionally opened some of the articles which I had written 15 months back(I was not blogging at that time) and realized how my life has changed since then. I only remember that I wanted to change myself at that time and now when I saw those notes today, I witnessed the change.

Keeping the journal helps monitor our behavior, it reflects the true part of ourselves which we fail to see because of conflicting emotions.

It’s Like Putting a Coin in the Piggy Bank

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“Why do you write daily”, asked one of my relatives.
I continuously spoke for about 5 minutes explaining why I write daily with all philosophical viewpoints.

“Hmm, why do you go through so much to write every day. “

“I just explained everything.
Seriously ..!
All right, calm down and explain once again.
It’s okay.”

Then I went on for another 5 minutes, only to realize that it didn’t do any good.

“How can I make him understand the idea of compounding”.

Then I said, “It’s like putting a coin in the piggy bank every single day”.

His eyes lit up and it made me happy.

It’s crucial to understand the audience, the philosophy of compounding was too much for him but the idea of putting a coin in the piggy bank just clicked.

Some People Will Always Have Something Unpleasant to Say


In a casual chat with friends at home, one of my friends pointed out sarcastically that one of our mutual friends is very active on social media and shares a lot of stuff there (mostly poetry in this case). Since his tone was sarcastic we had a good laugh and then we moved on to a different topic.

This incident made me realize my situation, and how I am so active on the social media over past couple of months, and how I must be a topic for many social gatherings where people whom I know must be giving sarcastic comments over my social presence and must be having a good laugh. I was very insecure about myself in the past and when I used to hear those sarcastic comments from any friends of mine, it used to paralyze me for quite some time.

I am a changed person since the day I realized that some people will always have something unpleasant to say about myself irrespective of whatever I do in life and since that day I have a deaf ear against those people.

Now I only concentrate on things that I can do and things that I can control. I cannot do anything about the sarcastic comments happening around me, so I stopped listening to them and start doing the things I always wanted to do and this way of life is simply amazing..!!!!

The Huge Advantage of Writing Every Day


There is a huge advantage of writing every day. It gives me an ample amount of opportunity to experiment and not agonize too much about the outcome. It gives me enough space to be creative and write on almost anything without worrying. To be remarkable at anything we have to master the skill-set and for that, the skill must run in the blood.

In medical terminology, it is called muscle memory. Generally, we do all the thinking from Pre-Frontal Cortex which is the front part of the brain, but once we master a skill it becomes reflex and the brain responds instantaneously. Learning to drive a car is a painful process where we have to do many things at once. After doing it over and over again the mind starts to recognize the pattern and the control slowly shifts from Pre-Frontal Cortex to Amygdala(the lower portion of the brain) and becomes the muscle memory where it takes less than a microsecond to respond which is awesome.

Therefore, to be good at anything we have to practice over and over again so that it becomes the muscle memory and after that we would not need Pre-Frontal Cortex(the thinking part of the brain) which takes more time to execute a job than Amygdala and whatever we do would be remarkable.

Why I Write Daily

Writing my blog and sharing my thoughts are one of the best things that have ever happened to me. Thank you so much Seth Godin for mentioning how important it is to have a blog in many of your books. I am truly happy that I have adopted this one religiously.



I have been asked many times why I write everyday and also have been suggested to write long articles. Well, as Seth Godin says, it’s not only about the quality and the quantity of the article, rather it has to do with the discipline that one has to put in on daily basis.

Quality and quantity would automatically come if one would do it every single day, and that’s my motive behind writing the blog everyday.
Things that I share are not only for you but these are the things which I have learned from somewhere and would like to remember it for a long time and sharing makes it very easy, it enforces my brain to believe into the stuff that I write.

Apart of that it has made me much more disciplined and my thoughts are much more organized than ever. It has changed my life for the better and I am very grateful to Allah that I have been lead to this path.

Thank you,