Do It Now

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Gary Gilmore’s last words were “Let’s do this.” His words were actually the inspiration for the slogan “Just do it” by Nike. The strange thing is that Gary Gilmore wasn’t a great guy, on the contrary, he was a murderer and when the executors asked him for his last words, he said, “Let’s do this“.


Dan Wieden, the co-founder of advertising agency Wieden-Kenney, was there at the time of Gary’s execution and at that time he was struggling with a tag line. He came up with “Just do it” after Gary’s execution and it became one of the best taglines of the 20th century. Brian Tracy has mentioned about this story briefly in his book, “How To Master Your Time” and the story was worth digging and sharing it with others.

Reminders like, “just do it“, “do it now“, serve as a very effective spiral breakers and saying it out loud is often one of the best things we can do to get out of our comfort zone and start doing the work at hand.


Getting Conned by Amazon

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Getting conned by Amazon was the last thing I imagined for myself. I respected the company for its customer-centric culture but it seems the employees at Amazon are not in sync with the CEO’s vision.

I purchased a stylus (a digital pen for iPad) from Amazon after getting a deal which I saw after searching some styluses from the web. It was a good deal, I was excited for the product which was purchased on 9th Nov from the website. I got a message on the same day that the product is dispatched and I would be getting it latest by 12th Nov, which is actually the normal delivery period for NCR region. On 11th Nov I got the message that the delivery guy is on the way and he would deliver the product on that day itself. I waited patiently but in the evening got the message that “the customer is not available”. I was frustrated and called the customer care, they were nice and said that I should wait for another day.

Same thing happened the next day. I was losing patience, called the customer care executive a couple of times but all in vain. On the next day, which is today at 1 o’clock in the afternoon I got the message saying “the customer is not available“. It infuriated me to the next level, again called the customer care executive, again in vain. I went got outside to have a cup of tea and luckily I found the Amazon delivery boy. After sharing my story and looking at his list of deliverables I found that he could not help me with my situation. Nevertheless, I asked for his office number and fortunately, after calling the office I found out that my package was in the warehouse for the last two days, and since it wasn’t assigned to anyone(due to some glitch in the system perhaps) nobody was delivering it to me. Thankfully, the guy at the desk was helpful enough and he sent the package in next two hours.

The sad part of the story is that after going through this much pain I found out that the stylus wasn’t working on the iPad the way it was described to work in the description on the website. The product had the maximum number of positive reviews and this was the reason why I chose the stylus and now that I think about it I am pretty sure that those reviews must be fake ones. After using the stylus for one hour I submitted a request to return the product. It was a terrible experience altogether and I would suggest my readers not solely rely on the product reviews at Amazon. Hope you find some insight from this story.

PS:I also purchased a Bamboo stylus from Nehru Place today only. It’s amazing, I’ll share a review after using it for a couple of days.

Back To Work

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Reminding ourselves out loud have a profound impact on ourselves. We often get distracted thanks to the technologies and innovations and if we are not careful we might find ourselves finding something on the web which has almost no impact on ourselves. Like everything else technology comes with its pros and cons nothing special about it.

With that said, one the most effective ways to talk you out of the unnecessary spirals is by reminding yourself, “back to work“. Very simple but very powerful. We have the ability to force ourselves to do the things which are unpleasant sometimes and reminding ourselves out loud is one of the best tools available, says the author of, “How To Master Your Time“, Brain Tracy.

We look for complexities in life but we often forget that leading a successful life is not complex at all. Just do one thing at a time and everything would fall into place. Again it’s simple to say but difficult to implement. After reading this article say out loud to yourself, “back to work” and your subconscious would comply and would help you get back to work.

The Bismarck Plan

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Otto von Bismarck was one of the most famous politicians in Germany. Well, Germany wasn’t there at that time and he is often accredited with the unification of Germany as we see it today. I first heard about him from the book, “How To Master Your Time” by Brain Tracy.




He sounded like an interesting person also I dig up the Internet for more information and thankfully I found interesting things about him. This guy was famous for his contingency plans, meaning plan B. He used to have plans like everyone else and his plans sometimes failed like everyone else’s but he was one of the very few persons in the history who always had a full-fledged plan B in place just in case. He became so popular for his contingency plans that people used to call the concept of backup plans as “The Bismarck Plan“.

The author says that we should always have a plan B which is an obvious thing to advice but it is also one those things which we often forget to implement. It was nice knowing about the person who is known for the term “Plan B“.

Looking at the current situation in India it seems that our prime minister should have learned something from Bismarck. The chaos is increasing everywhere and people are becoming desperate leading destructions which are obviously not good. God help us all in this difficult situation.

Book Review: Why We Want You To Be Rich, A book from Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki

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Like everyone else I was also pretty sure that Hillary Clinton was going to win the elections and like everyone else I was wrong. Long time back one of my seniors recommended a book called, “Why We Want You To Be Rich: Two Men, One Message” by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump. Back then Donald Trump wasn’t running for the president, he was just another billionaire and I knew just the basics about him. It’s only after he declared that he would be running for the president we got to know what was in his mind the whole time. 

The book gave an insight on how the system worked two hundred years ago. Basically the book focused on becoming an entrepreneur rather than working for a boss. Back then I wasn’t blogging, so I wasn’t taking any notes while reading the book and now I realize how important it is to write down while reading. Since I just read the book (and no notes for the important stuff) I could only recall that it encourages entrepreneurship, it also threw some light on the economic system two hundred years from now and it was good stuff.

Of course I wouldn’t have read the book if I knew about Donald Trump’s views. He may not be a good leader or a president but he shared some useful information in the book and I am very grateful for it. Let’s see how he is going to make America great again.

Rs 500, Rs 1000 notes are no longer legal tender : A Bad News For People Who Are Travelling

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Some people are really really lucky..!

My Chotepapa is one of them.(Sarcastically speaking)

In the evening I got a message that denominations of Rs 500 and 1000 will not be accepted from tomorrow onwards. My first reaction was sending a laughing emoticon in reply of the message. But then after a couple of minutes my WhatsApp got flooded with the same message. Meanwhile we were preparing to see off my uncle and chatted a bit about the news. Well, we were actually having a good laugh while my uncle shared a story on how sometimes back there  was a hoax that demominations of Rs 1000 will not be accepted anymore and people had rushed into the banks to submit their money only to realise later that it was a hoax. He was very sure that it was another hoax and I got convinced too.

After having dinner we left home, I escorted him till the point where I found an auto rickshaw and parted goodbye. An hour later I got the phone call from my uncle that nobody is accepting the denominations of Rs 500 and 1000. I asked him how much money he has to which he replied Rs 200 (other than denominations of 500). I was shit scared since he has to change the mode of transportation at Patna to reach home, so he must have some money in order to have a safe and comfortable journey home.

I am in no place to judge the prime minister’s decision and inspite of making those denominations legal at the railways stations nobody accepted it even before the midnight. My uncle is not an exception, there are millions of people like my uncle who must be travelling when our prime minister declared this change and like my uncle they all must be suffering. At this point I can only wish him all the best.

The Pheriwalas 

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It’s highly unlikely for Pheriwalas to read my blog or any other blog per se, but Man they are artistic..!! I live in a locality where we can not take naps during the daytime. Seriously ..!! I often use my noise cancelling earphones and a light music if I am going to take a nap in the afternoon. 

Our beloved Pheriwalas have made the narrow streets their performing ground where they announce their products so artistically that you are bound to notice. Sometimes they are funny and hilarious but if you are sleeping or trying to sleep they are just noisy. It’s hard to portray how selling RO water could be made so melodious, but they make it sound as if they are selling a supernatural element. Sometimes you have to look out of the window just to see the person without any intention of purchasing anything, just because of curiosity. 

Like every other people they also have stories of their own and they have pretty interesting ones. If you think you the only one with good stories perhaps it’s time to do a reality check. Next time when you purchase anything from these Pheriwalas, try to have a small chat with them and try to find out their side of the story. You would be astonished to see their hardships and sacrifices and if you are anything like me you’ll pay gratitude to God after listening to their side of stories and you would thank God for giving you a great life with full of luxuries and comforts.

My Next Books 

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My phone Next Books 

Willpower is a limited resource

“How to Master Your Time” by Brain Tracy

Since everything is slowly becoming normal I am also back to reading my books. Currently I am reading “Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie”. I have just started reading it and it sounds pretty interesting so far. Along with this I am also reading “How to Master Your Time” by Brain Tracy. “How Mind Works” by Steven Pinker is still in progress though, the book has become too technical to read but I will try my best to at least complete what I have started. “Emotional Intelligence” is in my wishlist for a very long time, I will start reading that too in parallel with whatever I am reading right now(I haven’t started it yet). 

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Willpower is a limited resource”, that’s right. This is one of the first take aways from the book, “How to Master Your Time“. Remember the time when you were too exhausted to go to the gym after having a rough day at work. I know you curse yourself to death and felt guilty, I was there too. It wasn’t your fault, actually it was just that you ran out of your willpower and that’s completely okay.

With that said, there is a good news which is that like every other resources our willpower can also be increased but that is another story, another post. Over all, “How to Master Your Time” has a promising start let’s see how the rest of the book unfolds.

The Time When My Uncle Got Scammed

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The Time When My Uncle Got Scammed

My uncle is a smart person, he bargains a lot and he is known for his ability to purchase great products at the lowest price possible. With that said, it’s possible to even outsmart the smartest person, we have seen many such examples every now and then, my uncle is no exception.

He was very excited when he called to inform me that he has purchased a touch phone from He got to know about the website from the television as they were running ads in those days. It was too late since he already paid the amount as cash on delivery. I knew he had made a mistake but at that time I couldn’t do anything. For people like me who spend more than half of my time watching mobile and laptop screens, it’s very easy to notice a fraud but not for people like my uncle. The mobile phone was useless and he realized it just after one hour of the purchase. Well, it was inevitable for me but a surprise for him.

A couple of days ago one of my relatives was browsing through the website from the bookmarks that they usually give with the browser, the fraud was easily noticeable but not for him. On the contrary, he was excited and was looking forward to cash on delivery of Rs 200 Adidas sports shoes.

It’s time to get ourselves educated digitally, otherwise, our dear ones will fall in such trap more often than we think (thanks again to Jio and their plans) and we would realize it later. It’s also the responsibility of people like us to make people like my uncle aware of such scams beforehand.

The Moment of Relief   

Truly remarkable turn of events started from this morning. My uncle came at 6 o’clock from Bihar to help me go through this ordeal. At 12 o’clock the report came that the platelets count is increased from 87k to 1 lakh 38k, the doctor discharged my mother from the hospital and we came home around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. 

We were in a video chat with our family members back home for about more than half hour in the evening, everyone came and chatted and saw my mother talk a bit, I could see them getting relief and it was amazing. There were a lot of crying involved in the beginning of the call but they became happy afterward. Thanks to Facebook and its video calling feature. It seems that it’s the first time we have used the technology so effectively.

This last week felt like a month though, and I have certainly emerged stronger from this situation. For last two nights I was sleeping with my spectacles on and today after waking up I found out that I have broken my specs in my sleep. I am back with my old specs. On a normal day it would have broken my heart (since it was newly purchased one) but today I just didn’t care. I guess this is what it means to emerge stronger from a difficult situation. You just do not care for small things anymore.

I am very grateful to Allah for helping me go through the situation.

Thank you all of you for all the support. Thank you so much.